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DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging)

JTB Group
champions DEIB.(Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging)

DEIB Symbol

At JTB Group,
we have been pioneering Ways for a New Era
by bringing people, places,
and possibilities together.
To pioneer the New Era,
we firmly believe that
it is essential to embrace diversity
from external aspects such as age,
gender, and race,
to internal aspects such as religion,
education, and lifestyle,
with no prejudice and discrimination.
While we are committed to embracing diversity,
the challenge still remains.
we have often relied on high-context communication
where one's age or career influences
the weight of their words.
Recognizing this challenge,
we feel a strong need to evolve.
By celebrating all forms of individuality,
we will build a world where diversity is the norm.
And by making the best of diverse individuality,
we will propel ourselves towards our new values.
We champion DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging).
We honor the experience and perspectives of every member.
we create an environment where individuals can thrive.
As a team, we challenge and empower each other
and we continue to pioneer the New Era.


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What is DEIB?

JTB Group
DEIB Statement

Treasure the Difference,
Bring the World Together.

JTB Group honors a diverse range of talents,
creating an organization
where each individual can
thrive authentically.
By embracing the differences
in regions,
cultures, people, and identities across the world,
we transform these differences
into values such as insights,
new experiences, and innovation,
bringing the world together.

  • Diversity

    We embrace all forms of diversity,
    including age, gender, race,
    experience, and culture.
    We define diversity as values
    that widen our perspective
    and foster innovation.

  • Equity

    We create an environment
    where each individual can thrive
    regardless of who they are.
    We ensure that information and
    opportunities are not equally,
    but equitably accessible.
    By ensuring the right opportunities
    for each individual, we build a platform
    where everyone can thrive.

  • Inclusion

    We foster a connection
    where everyone can be themselves
    through their unique opinions,
    experiences, and strengths.
    By unlocking each other's potentials,
    we achieve goals that could not have
    been done individually.

  • Belonging

    We build an environment
    where every individual can show
    our authentic selves.
    As a team filled with
    fulfillment, pride, and ambition,
    we challenge each other to create
    new and unprecedented values.

Promoting DEIB

5 Priorities

Colleague Spotlight


Colleague Spotlight


  • Kurumin-Certified Business

    Kurumin-Certified Business

    JTB Corp., JTB Publishing, Inc., JTB Communication Design, Inc., and I&J Digital Innovation (formerly known as JTB System Solution) have all been certified by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare as "Child-care Support Company".

  • Eruboshi Certification

    Eruboshi Certification

    Seven JTB Group companies have earned Eruboshi certification for their efforts to promote the professional advancement of women.
    【Level 2 Certification】
    JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc. / JTB Trading, Inc.
    【Level 3 Certification】
    JTB Corp. / Japan Tourism Research & Consulting Co. / OKINAWA JTB Corp. / JTB Publishing, Inc. / JTB Communication Design, Inc.

  • Diversity Management Selection 100

    Diversity Management Selection 100

    JTB was ranked among the 'Diversity Management Selection 100' companies in 2015 by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
    JTB Global Marketing & Travel was certified under the new standards in 2020.

  • Good Career Company Award 2020 Grand Prize (Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award)

    Good Career Company Award 2020 Grand Prize (Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award)

    In recognition of its culture reform and human resource development initiatives aimed at fostering autonomous and creative human resources, JTB received the Grand Prize (Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award) of the Good Career Company Award 2020 from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.