A Message from the President

Bringing People, Places and Possibilities Together in a New Era

The JTB Group traces its roots back to 1912 when “Japan Tourist Bureau” was formed to attract international travelers to Japan and assist with their travel needs. While our activities and clientele have expanded greatly since then, the JTB Group remains aligned around a core purpose: bringing people, places and possibilities together.

Today’s JTB Group is about far more than just travel. We offer a vast array of products, services and solutions ranging from business travel, MICE and employee benefits to publishing, merchandising and digital solutions. Whether you are an individual planning the trip of your dreams, a corporation seeking to achieve specific business objectives, or a government agency eager to develop sustainable solutions to regional challenges, the JTB Group has the expertise, resources and global reach to help.

In today’s Internet age, online technology continues to rapidly transform every facet of our personal and professional lives, making communication increasingly borderless and drastically altering the way we interact. While digitalization may liberate us from the constraints of time and place, true joy can only be known through real experience.

Only when the five senses are engaged can we fully encounter the world and one another. I believe that the JTB Group’s mission is to bring the depth, discovery and delight of real experience to our customers along with the heightened attention to safety and health protocols required in this new era.

“Perfect moments, always.”

To the 28,000 professionals who make up the JTB Group, these words are more than just a slogan. Connecting people, places and smiles. Collaborating with industry partners.
Developing innovative services and solutions that enable our customers to connect more deeply and meaningfully. Contributing to the creation of sustainable communities and a more peaceful and interconnected planet.

No matter how the world changes, the JTB Group remains as committed now as 108 years ago to delivering unrivaled excitement, value and satisfaction. At its essence, JTB’s legacy resides in the bonds of trust we have forged with our customers, communities and stakeholders.

The JTB Group is poised to embark on the next exciting chapter in its incredible journey, staying attuned to and aligned with the evolving needs of a new era, maintaining its position as a digital trailblazer, and delivering real value that our customers can feel.

We look forward to serving you!

Eijiro Yamakita
President and CEO, JTB Corp.