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Colleague Spotlight Vol.03


To foster connections across cultures

Kuoni Tumlare, Global Communications team

Zoe Chow


1.Background of initiatives,Objective
As a global destination management company operating in 33 countries, we strive to foster connections across cultures. Our diverse backgrounds and perspectives enrich our work and allow us to offer unique experiences in over 40 countries. The Global Communications Team has played a pivotal role in fostering the One Team Culture, aiming to unite the organisation around our Mission, Vision, and Values. This was achieved through the development of an internal communication function focused on consistent messaging and the establishment of channels reaching all stakeholders promptly. This ensures that information is readily accessible on digital platforms around the clock.

In 2023, we established Kuoni Tumlare CSR Champions Network to effectively disseminate the CSR strategy at both local and global levels.

2.Concrete details
Due to the team's efforts, engagement increased across all communications and platforms over the course of 2023. We have developed a communication function that consistently reiterates our Brand Personality, Strategy and Culture Storyline and it ensures that a coordinated CSR strategy delivery is in place. This involves ensuring all messaging including the CEO and company updates and activities are published at a consistent cadence.

Our CSR Champions Network, comprising colleagues from local offices, plans and delivers community programmes addressing the needs most relevant to their locations. In 2023, our newly established CSR Champions Network celebrated 8 key events from our annual CSR calendar. We are delighted to have 38 CSR Champions from 20 regions in our CSR Champions Network in 2024, covering wider area and making bigger social impact.

3.Enthusiasm for the future
We will continue to develop initatives aimed at unifying our employees with cultivating cultures in a responsible way. Our ongoing CSR initiatives celebrate our diversity as a strength, while our internal branding efforts strengthen our identity. We will further enhance our channels to facilitate meaningful connections among colleagues, reinforcing our branding and organisational cohesion.