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Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Bringing More People, Places and Possibilities Together... Sustainably

Through an expanding array of accessible, eco-friendly options, the JTB Group is helping to deepen and enrich the traveler experience in Japan and around the world.

Offering Travelers More Eco-Friendly Options

JTB is constantly working to offer sustainability-minded travelers a wider array of options.

Specific Initiatives 1: 〈 Responsible & Respectful 〉 Hokkaido Tours
The JTB Group provides a wide range of tours that promote respect for local culture and the environment.
These include Adventure Travel tours, which provide opportunities to participate in authentic local activities and cultural experiences, and My Cup Tours, in which participants who bring along their own reusable cups are rewarded with free food and beverage samples at participating establishments.

Specific Initiatives 2: 〈 Working Towards Carbon Neutrality 〉 CO2 ZERO Travel®
Through a modest surcharge, CO2 ZERO tour participants support green energy, boost renewable energy production, and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Educating Visitors and Reshaping Behavior

At the JTB Group, we believe in encouraging travelers to understand and respect the culture, values and traditions of the places they visit. We are committed to educating our customers and encouraging conscious conduct by providing reliable information about cultural norms and practices.

Specific Initiatives:Temple Tours in Thailand
We remind tour participants of cultural sensitivities, including dress code requirements when entering sacred spaces.

Access for All

As part of our efforts to promote social equity, we strive to ensure the accessibility of our products and services by communicating with customers in whatever ways best suit their needs.

Specific Initiatives 1: 〈 Interfacing Remotely 〉 JTB Remote Concierge
In order to make our organization more accessible to individuals who do not live near one of our offices or who find it difficult to drop by due to childcare obligations or health concerns, we offer convenient access to online JTB consultants and customer support across Japan.

Specific Initiatives 2: 〈 Providing Access and Information to Individuals with Disabilities 〉 UDTalk
In order to better serve customers with impaired hearing, JTB offices throughout Japan offer the option of textbased communication using the UDTalk application.

Specific Initiatives 3:Barrier-free Accommodations:
JTB promotes universal tourism by compiling and publishing information about accessible lodging facilities across Japan.

Japan Inbound Initiatives

In Japan, the JTB Group offers inbound visitors an expanding range of environmentally responsible tours and activities.

KPIs & Targets

KPIs FY2023 FY2025 FY2028
The JTB Group is working to alleviate overtourism by encouraging international visitors to make overnight stays outside of Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. 55% 60% 65%

Specific Initiatives 1: 〈 Local Revitalization Efforts 〉 Promoting Culinary Tourism*
The JTB Group understands Japan's unique regional culinary traditions as well as the importance that international visitors attach to their gastronomic experience in Japan. To support local economic revitalization and help inbound travelers get the most out of their dining experience, JTB has acquired a stake in Tablecross Inc., the operator of the popular byFood.com platform. This platform offers a wide range of F&B content aimed at promoting Japan's food scene, including culinary videos, a restaurant booking engine, and sales of Japanese foods. Through this tie-up, JTB is offering a greater array of solutions to help destinations and businesses market their offerings to inbound visitors.

*Culinary Tourism, also known as gastronomy tourism, is aimed at exploring another culture through its food and gaining a deeper understanding of how a destination's culinary traditions are shaped by local climate, topography and history

Specific Initiatives 2: 〈 Reducing Overtourism 〉 Sunrise Tours
JTB Global Marketing & Travel develops and markets a growing number of package tours designed to expand the horizons of international visitors beyond the Tokyo and Kansai metropolitan areas. These tours, which include the Rainbow Route, Setouchi Scenic View Route and Kyushu Authentic Route, are aimed at reducing the impact of overtourism by promoting tourism to Japan's less-visited destinations.

Japan Inbound Initiatives

Safety and Security

The JTB Group recognizes the overarching importance of traveler safety and security. Our safety policies, guided by the following three principles, give our customers the peace of mind they expect from JTB.

  • At the JTB Group, traveler safety is our number one priority.
  • All JTB personnel are required to comply with our safety policies and guidelines.
  • We continuously reassess and improve our safety programs and practices.
Travel Safety Management Policies

Our Travel Safety Management Policies are organized into the following four sections:

  • Section 1: General Provisions
  • Section 2: Operational Policies aimed at Ensuring Travel Safety
  • Section 3: Operational Implementation and Management Systems aimed at Ensuring Travel Safety
  • Section 4: Operational Implementation and Management Measures aimed at Ensuring Travel Safety
Travel Safety Management Policies

Our Travel Safety Management Guidelines cover the following 6 key topics:

  • Mechanisms for ensuring travel safety
  • Safety criteria for selecting and contracting with travel service providers and tour operators
  • Measures to ensure travel safety in the creation of travel itineraries
  • Safety surveys
  • Safety information to be furnished to travelers
  • Risk avoidance measures in the event of contingencies

In order to ensure operational continuity and live up to the trust placed in our organization by our stakeholders, all JTB personnel are required to adhere to these safety policies and guidelines.
We strive to ensure that all business partners involved in the service delivery process also understand and honor our safety policies and guidelines.


Travel Safety Management Policies
Ensuring the Safety and Security of Travelers

Specific Initiatives 1:Tour Implementation Standards
At the JTB Group, safety is priority number one. Decisions by our Travel Safety Committee regarding whether to allow tours to proceed are based on an analysis of the best available information.

Specific Initiatives 2:Selection of Business Partners
We use rigorous standards when selecting partners to provide lodging, transportation and other travel services to our customers.

Specific Initiatives 3:Crisis Management
Defined reporting lines and triage criteria help us respond effectively to contingencies during travel.
When justified by the incident severity level, an in-house task force is appointed to coordinate our response.

Specific Initiatives 4:〈 WTTC Safe Travels Stamp 〉 Safe Travels Stamp

Safe Travels Stamp

As part of our commitment to delivering peace of mind to the traveler, JTB has acquired the globally-recognized Safe Travels Stamp designation issued by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).
The Safe Travels Stamp is only given to tourism operators who demonstrate compliance with health and hygiene standards established by WTTC (Safe Travel Protocols).

The Importance of Reliable Information

The JTB Group Code of Conduct is an expression of our commitment to honoring the trust placed in us by our customers and stakeholders.
Under the Code of Conduct, JTB personnel are required to ensure that our advertising and promotional materials are free of false or exaggerated claims. We strive to provide accurate and reliable information particularly when promoting cultural and wildlife events. We periodically administer Compliance Quizzes in order to promote the effectiveness of the Code.