Human Resource Development
(Diversity, Human Resource Development, Health Management)

At the JTB Group, each and every employee enhances their own abilities,
We are creating an environment where we can demonstrate our individuality.
We will continue to create new value by combining the strengths of our diverse human resources.

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Promoting Diversity in the JTB Group

In order to respond to the globalization and diversification of markets, the JTB Group is working on diversity as a "management strategy" to increase corporate value by incorporating various values and working styles. We have put in place a system that enables us to bring together various of people (different abilities) with diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise, and maximize their performance.
We are working to promote diversity across the Group by visualizing status through awareness surveys aimed at revising the activities and working styles of women and people with disabilities, improving employee engagement, and commending and sharing model successful cases.

JTB Group Diversity Promotion "Common Vision":Diversity as a corporate strength

Target (ideal form):
Aim for medium-to long-term development as a company and creation of innovation by respecting diverse values and working styles.

Major Initiatives

[Improvement of working environment]

  • 1.ICT Initiatives (Telework, Online Sales, and Working)
  • 2.Initiatives for personnel-related systems (various shift patterns, hometown work, etc.)


  • 1.Efforts to Visualize Businesses
  • 2.Initiatives for digitization (RPA, AI, and electronic contracts)

[Women's career]


  • Provision of information to support balancing work and nursing care


  • Challenged Summit


  • Seminars to Understand Diversity Approaches

Awards and Sharing


  • 1.ALL JTB AWARD awards ceremony
  • 2.Introduction of examples in in-house PR magazines and intranet
  • 3.Conduct survey of employee attitudes.
  • 4.Implementation of Diversity Week


  • We were selected for the Diversity Management Selection 100.

JTB was selected for the FY2014 "Diversity Management Selection 100" awarded by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Corporate.

JTB aims to realize diversity suited to its own company by each group company in various industries at home and abroad.
It was highly appreciated that we have independently formulated "Diversity INDEX (Diversity Use Indicators)" as a mechanism for steady promotion and that we are making efforts on a group-wide basis.

diversity100 2015

The JTB Group will continue to pursue diversity management to realize management philosophy by leveraging each employee’s job satisfaction and diversity as its strengths.

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Human resource development

Human resource development

The JTB Group believes that the driving force behind its corporate management is its people, and that increasing the value of its human assets will lead to the Group's growth. In order to adapt to changes in society and the environment, such as unpredictability and acceleration of globalization, and in order to accurately grasp business opportunities and grow the Group in this context, the development of the human resources that support them is indispensable in terms of management strategy.
The JTB Group has created an environment in which each employee can enhance their own abilities and motivate them to demonstrate their abilities and individuality. We will continue to create new value by combining the strengths of our diverse human resources.

Basic Policy for Human Resource Development

  • 1.Based on the basic philosophy that the growth and vitality of employees supports the growth of the Company and the development of the Group, employees strive to improve their expertise and grow to become autonomously creative employees. The Company respects the individuality and diversity of its employees and endeavors to create a vibrant corporate culture that is full of opportunities for education and challenges.
  • 2.We will form a corporate group that encourages employees to continue to take on challenges and grow as autonomously creative employees to work in both physical and mental aspects.

Autonomously creative employees

"Autonomously Creative Employees" is defined as "Human Resources that utilize high skills to demonstrate high results in their assigned duties, while endeavoring to acquire new information and skills, while recognizing their challenges and acting autonomously to resolve them."
In order to create new value, the JTB Group is focusing on the development of autonomously creative employees so that they can make the most of their individuality and play an active role. Moving forward, the JTB Group will continue to make every effort to develop "autonomously creative employees" who can constantly think and act from the customer's point of view and solve problems in order to establish exchangeable creative businesses.

JTB University

The JTB Group has the JTB University, a group-wide education and training platform. Aiming to nurture human resources that will contribute to the development of broad tourism industry, we are developing and nurturing human resources by creating a curriculum that enables employees to grow in line with their abilities and ranks, from basic intellectual skills and business skills necessary for daily operations to management human resource development programs. In addition, we have established a human resource development function base not only in Japan but also in Singapore, and are committed to fostering human resources who will be active on the global stage.
At JTB University, we continue to take on the challenge and evolve every day in order to develop "autonomously creative employees" who take on challenges for themselves, demonstrate their own personalities, work exciting, and take on the challenge of "market value that continues to play an active role both inside and outside the company regardless of the generation" and experience.

Here are the categories of educational programs in JTB University.

  • 1.  Group Fundamentals: Foster a mindset that enables employees to understand business and their own roles and promotion the Group's management philosophy as a common foundation.
  • 2.  Management: Develop management personnel by rank to maximize the power of individuals and organizations
  • 3.  Business skills: Ability to acquire knowledge and skills ranging from basic level to high level of expertise accompanied by operational practice
  • 4.  Business promotion: Acquire expertise that can create added value in each business promotion of the Group
  • 5.  Career Design: Promote employee career autonomy and support self-fulfillment through work by demonstrating individuality
  • 6.  Specialized human resources: Develop human resources with advanced expertise (IT, legal affairs, finance, business development, etc.)
We provide the above-mentioned content in a broad range of areas, including training (group and Online), e-learning, correspondence courses, and dispatch training. JTB University shares the Group's management philosophy, fosters a sense of unity as a member of the Group, and aims to enhance its centripetal power, enhance the JTB brand and corporate value, and maximize group synergies.

Keeping Employees Healthy and Shining (Health Management)

The JTB Group believes that its employees continued health and radiance is the cornerstone of sustainable growth for the company. In 2017, the president made a declaration of health management, and various measures related to employee health are being promoted throughout the Group as a management strategy.

Purpose of Health Management

We support each employee’s health through our organization so that employees and their families can continue to shine healthily throughout their lives. In the super-aging society of the future, we believe that healthy and energetic human resources will increase the productivity and creativity of the organization and lead to the company’s sustainable growth. By extending the healthy life expectancy of employees and their families through health management and promoting the use and diffusion of health care services that utilize local resources in the process, we will contribute to both "extending the healthy life expectancy of the people" and "creating new industries."

Vision to realize through healthy management

We will foster a corporate culture in which employees proactively engage in health promotion, and aim to achieve the following goals.

Employees understand the importance of health and proactively improve their lifestyles together with their families and colleagues, thereby improving their physical and mental conditions and realizing their own goals at work and in the private sector, thereby enhancing their lives in a more affluent and happy manner. In a workplace full of employees' smiles and vitality, new ideas and businesses have been created, and as a result, we have been able to provide more excitement and joy to our customers.

Promotion System

The President serves as the Chief Health and Productivity Officer. The Health Promotion Office, a dedicated organization within the Group, and the Health Insurance Society have collaborated to establish a system for implementing various measures based on their respective roles. To strengthen human resource capabilities from a medium-to long-term perspective, Group companies share the fruits of their structuring over time based on quantitative indicators such as the implementation of health management, improvements in productivity, and the fostering of a willingness to take on challenges and grow. We strive to raise employees' awareness of voluntary initiatives by clearly communicating to employees on the frontline the objectives and significance of each measure. Under this promotion system, the verification results of each action are regularly reported to the Management Committee.

Priority initiative

To foster a corporate culture in which employees take the initiative in promoting health
  • Using the digital infrastructure to visualize employee health and support improvements with a 1-to-1 approach
  • We will increase mutual understanding and cooperation within the workplace through the implementation of health events, as an opportunity to foster a healthy workplace environment.
  • Group analysis of periodic health checkup results to support workplace management leadership
  • We provide health education and guidance by medical professionals to prevent obesity in people younger than 40 years of age.

To support an environment where employees can maintain their mental health
  • We will visualize work conditions in the workplace and promote appropriate labor management.
  • Use group analysis of stress checks to help improve high-risk workplaces and attributes
  • Strengthen training for employees in their 20s and leaders to improve their ability to deal with stress and line care for organizational managers

To enhance the environment and systems in which diverse situations are respected
  • Promoting Diversity and Autonomous Working Styles in Response to Changes in the Social Environment

JTB Group Health Management Declaration

Some of the messages sent by the president to all employees in 2017 were posted.

JTB Group Health Management Declaration

For the JTB Group to realize further evolution toward the next 100 years, it is essential to create a system in which a variety of human resources can be assembled, exchanged, and maximized their performance in order to create new value in the domain of Exchange Creation Businesses. To this end, it is necessary to improve the quality of working styles and for each employee to increase the productivity of their work, and create resources in the form of time and leeway of mind, which will lead to new businesses.

Employee health is the foundation for the reform of work styles. Nutritional health is a vital driving force for promoting the policies of all group companies.

In order to continue to grow the company, we will vigorously promote improvement measures as a management strategy in response to various issues related to the health of current employees. In other words, we will declare the promotion of health and productivity management.

A company in which employees are healthy and do their jobs is a trusted company that is loved not only by employees but also by customers and society. Let us join together to aim for a group in which every employee can work in a healthy and healthy manner.

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JTB Corporation

President and Representative Director

The JTB Group has been certified as an Excellent Corporation for Health Management 2021 (White 500). For details, please refer to the news release.