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Value Creation

The Source of Value Creation at JTB:Connect & Contribute
JTB helps to potentiate solutions and value by connecting
its customers (consumers, businesses, communities, schools, etc.)
to the people, information and resources they need .

The Value Creation Process at JTB

The Value Creation Process at JTB

Making Life
More Fulfilling

Protecting the

Creating a
Better Society

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Bringing People,
Places and Possibilities Together

Through the delivery of unparalleled solutions
(products, services, information, systems), JTB brings
people, places and possibilities together all across the
world, creating smiles, customer satisfaction… and perfectmoments.

Exchange = flow of people, distribution, money, information


Using tourism as a platform for evolution, the JTB Group is expanding its lineup of community-focused and business-focused solutions.
3-pronged strategy, our corporate group works as an integrated whole (One JTB) to maximize cross-business synergies.

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Strengths that support our business

Bringing People, Places and Possibilities Together

Abundant solutions (travel and non-travel)

Foundation of exchange creativity

交流創造力の基礎 JTB協定旅館ホテル連盟

(Stakeholder network)

10,000 companies solution provider
80,000 companies tourism operator

Production Capabilities: collaboration, staging,
concept development, etc.

Experience delivering satisfaction and solutions to
a diversified global customer base

Foundation of exchange creativity

JTB総合研究所 日本健康開発財団

(Exchange research function)

35,000 companies company
546 Municipalities
84,000 people student
11,000,000 Leisure (travelers/consumers)

Ability to respond on-site (ability to finish)

Hospitality, integrity, responsibility and boldness,
flexibility, experience in handling international
mega events, and strong cooperation with related

Foundation of exchange creativity


Group-wide human resource development platform that
supports the growth of JTB Group employees

3,000 companies Number of companies handling business events
10,500 cases Number of business events handled

Global Business
(incl. Japan Inbound business)
Global business (incl. Japan Inbound business)

We will create a new era of exchange by connecting smiles and excitement from all over the world.

Global Business


Based on international standards for corporate social responsibility, international standards for sustainable tourism, and the JTB Group's Code of Conduct, we have formulated the following six pillars for specific initiatives.

Sustainability Policy

  • Sustainability Framework and Compliance
  • Promoting Sustainability through Customer Communication
  • Conserving the Earth's Resources and Biodiversity
  • Promoting Sustainable Communities
  • Sustainable Service Delivery through Value Chain Partnering
  • Creating an Inclusive, Fair and Sustainability-Oriented Work Environment