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The Value Creation Process at JTB

We strive to foster peace and global interconnectedness through the creation of opportunities for meaningful human interaction.
Nurturing Our Surroundings
Enhancing Regional Allure
Caring for the Earth's Resources
Enriching the Human Experience
Human rights
 Empowering others to connect and contribute
Helping communities and businesses achieve their highest potential
 Personal growth and development
Mental and physical wellbeing
Engaged Partnering
Stakeholder Connections

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Value Creation

The Source of Value Creation at JTB:
Connect & Contribute
JTB helps to potentiate solutions and value by connecting its customers (consumers, businesses, communities, schools, etc.) to the people, information and resources they need.

The JTB Group leverages its unique strengths and global reach to bring people, places and possibilities together and contribute to a more sustainable, peaceful and happier planet.

The JTB Group is committed to the development of a sustainable, inclusive and fair society that ensures all of its members the opportunity to realize their fullest potential in every facet of their lives - from the everyday to the extraordinary.

Enriching the Human Experience →

JTB Group's products, services and solutions not only provide our customers with opportunities to connect, learn and expand, they reflect our abiding commitment to preserving the environment and the unique cultural heritage of every destination we serve.

Nurturing Our Surroundings →

Through robust partnering with domestic and overseas stakeholders, we work collaboratively to develop solutions that engage and inspire.

Engaged Partnering →

Making a Difference Making a Difference
Peace Health Culture Economy Learning

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The Power of What We Do
Bringing People, Places and Possibilities Together

Simply put, the JTB Group helps to make the world a better place.

By fostering interregional and international understanding and goodwill, we help to make the world a safer, more harmonious place

By offering travelers the chance to step our out of the everyday, we help rejuvenate minds and bodies and rekindle creativity

Through travel and tourism, we make an important contribution to local and national economic development, creating jobs, reducing poverty, and preserving the environment

By promoting an appreciation of history, culture, traditions, dining, the arts and the great outdoors, we contribute to the preservation and development of humanity's heritage

Travel brings people in contact with nature, others, new experiences and new ideas, allowing them to expand their horizons, strengthen family ties, and live more deeply

Through the delivery of innovative solutions (products, services, information, systems), the JTB Group delivers unrivaled excitement, experiences and values to individual, business and institutional customers worldwide.

Traveler Satisfaction & Solutions Tourism Strategy
Area Revitalization Solutions Area Solutions Strategy
Business Communication Solutions Business Solutions Strategy
Global and inbound to Japan

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Real Customer Value

We aim to deliver excitement, joy and results to our customers through the creation of opportunities to explore the Earth's majestic beauty and humanity's rich historical and cultural heritage.

Using tourism as a platform for evolution, the JTB Group is expanding its lineup of community-focused and business-focused solutions. Under a 3-pronged strategy, our corporate group works as an integrated whole (One JTB) to maximize cross-business synergies.

Business →

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The way we are

We have been creating "valuable encounters" with our customers for 110 years.
Here are some examples of the JTB Group's growth over the years.

110th History →