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Colleague Spotlight Vol.02


We aim to become a coexisting company (normalization) where everyone can play an active role together

JTB Data Service, Inc.

Tetsuya Takahashi


1. Background and Objectives
After joining JTB Data Service, Inc. (JDS) in 2000, I worked in purchasing and product management at JTB Corp. for about 20 years. Upon returning to JDS in 2022 and taking on my first role as section manager, I quickly learned just how challenging it is to be a manager.

Given the diversity of my team, I focused a great deal of attention initially on improving communication within my team. I started to realize that some of my teammates with disabilities might actually be holding themselves back by unconsciously embracing a mentality of `I can't'.

2. Description of Initiatives
The members of my team had a range of different disabilities from impaired hearing to developmental disabilities. Since many found it easiest to understand instructions when they were communicated in writing, the first thing I did was to introduce MS Teams (to take advantage of the live caption and chat features).

I also introduced Excel Online to allow my team to share and track operational progress. This platform allowed team members to track one another's progress and plan out their own work more efficiently, empowering my team to approach their work with greater ownership and initiative.

3. Going Forward
In my experience, individuals with disabilities sometimes feel frustrated when they are not able to adequately communicate their ideas to those around them. This can cause them to feel misunderstood and isolated.

The JTB Group's HR Vision is based on cultivating innovative, independent-thinking professionals who are willing to take on new challenges and pursue career-long growth and value creation. I am excited about doing my part to create a more inclusive organizational culture that encourages everyone to learn from one another and continually take on new challenges without fearing failure.