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Empowering Our People to Shine

Human Resource Development

Guiding Principles

At the JTB Group, we believe that the growth and vitality of our people are the true sources of organizational dynamism, transformation and ongoing value creation. Our HRD philosophy is guided by the following two broad principles:

  • We respect the individuality and the diversity of our workforce and provide our employees with opportunities for ongoing growth and advancement in order to foster an engaged and innovative organizational culture.
  • We seek to cultivate innovative, independent-thinking employees who embrace ONE JTB Values and embody the Group's business philosophy.
HRD Vision

We seek to cultivate a workforce that embraces ONE JTB Values and embodies the Group's business philosophy. When we speak of innovative, independent-thinking employees, this is what we mean:

  • ・The success of our business depends on the ongoing growth of our people and their ability to think independently (but act as a team).
  • ・The approach we use to cultivate innovation and independent thinking must evolve with changes in the social environment.
HRD Vision
HRD Framework

The JTB Group's human resource development initiatives are guided by our Medium-term HRD Strategy.

HRD Framework
Human Resource Management Life Cycle

1. Talent Acquisition/Identification
We recruit talent through a variety of internal and external channels in order to maintain adequate staffing and effective teams.

2. Job/Team Design
Through employee 'secondment', internal partnering, and training, we develop our employees' ability to create partnerships and champion digital transformation. We manage staffing levels to respond with agility to opportunities in the marketplace.

3. HR Training and Development
We seek to develop an innovative, independent-thinking workforce of professionals eager to pursue career-long growth. We do everything in our power to maximize job satisfaction and cultivate a culture of engagement, inclusion and dynamism.

4. HR Systems/Compensation Packages
Our flexible compensation and benefits programs (individualized compensation, bonuses, performance evaluation, etc.) are designed to enhance job satisfaction and productivity. We respect the diverse values of our workforce and offer individualized employment terms and tailored HR solutions that support staffing mobility and flexibility.

JTB University Learning Platform

JTB University, our Group-wide learning platform, supports the efforts of our employees to acquire job-related knowledge/skills. JTB University's approach is characterized by close collaboration between training designers, administrators and instructors. Delivering more than 800 training and e-learning courses each year, JTB University uses a Learning Management System* designed to support individualized learning by providing employees with the instruction they need when they need it across a wide variety of formats. It is one of many ways that the JTB Group cultivates a culture of collaborative, career-long learning.

* Learning Management System: An integrated system for planning, implementing and assessing HR training and development (in-person and virtual) across our entire organization.

JTB University Guiding Principles
JTB University is guided by the following principles: (1) cultivate an independent-thinking and innovative workforce, (2) develop workforce knowledge and skills, (3) deliver engaging content, (4) deliver the learning our people need when they need it, and (5) promote change through a culture of collaborative, career-long learning.


KPIs FY2022 Target FY2022 Actual
Employees Participating in the JTB Group Talent Exchange Program 200 239

Specific Initiatives 1: Supporting Workforce Skill Development
We offer training opportunities to JTB Group employees all year long across a wide variety of different formats. Our primary areas of focus are (1) management training, (2) operations training, (3) job skills, (4) certification acquisition, and (5) sustainability training.

JTB University Training Stats

Format Employees Trained in FY2022 Total Training Hours in FY2022
E-learning 4,394 8,788
Webinars 2,509 31,003
In-person 974 11,737
Total 7,877 51,528

Specific Initiatives 2: Career development support
The JTB Group offers the following tools to help employees take ownership of careers and realize their fullest potential.

〈 Career Counseling 〉
Through periodic face-to-face career counseling and career development programming, we support the career planning efforts of our employees at each stage of their careers.

〈 JTB Group Talent Exchange Program 〉
In order to provide our most highly motivated employees with greater opportunities for selfdirected development, the JTB Group Talent Exchange Program offers unique opportunities to gain professional experience through assignments inside and outside our organization.

〈 Rehiring Former Employees 〉
Subject to certain requirements, we offer former JTB Group employees the opportunity to return to our organization following separation due to childbirth, child/family care obligations, etc.

Specific Initiatives 3: Transforming our Culture through Learning

〈 Summer Festival of Learning 〉
Since 2021, the JTB University Summer Festival of Learning has served as an important annual venue for cultivating a culture of learning and encouraging our people to pursue ongoing professional growth. The 2023 event - organized around the theme of 'Bringing Everyone Together' - consisted of 65 sessions led by JTB Group employees and executives. Viewership exceeded 10,000.

Sustainability Training & Multilingual Support

Sustainability is an important part of JTB Group's HR training and development efforts. Select training materials are offered in multiple languages.

KPIs & Targets

KPIs FY2023 FY2025 FY2028
Sustainability Training Sit Rate (Basic Concepts) 50% 75% 100%
Sustainability Training Sit Rate (Deeper Dive) 50% 75% 100%

Specific Initiatives 1: 'JTB and the SDGs'
As part of its sustainability training lineup, the JTB Group offers a 2-part video series designed to introduce employees to the Group's sustainability strategy/initiatives in the context of the SDGs. These videos are available in English and Japanese. Viewership data is used to track and enhance internal sustainability engagement.

'JTB and the SDGs': No. of Views

Video Title Unique Views
SDGs: Basics & Strategies (Japanese) 5,322
Practical Applications (Japanese) 4,700
SDGs: Basics and Strategies (English) 455
Practical Applications (English) 147

Specific Initiatives 2: Sustainability Education through JTB University
The JTB University (see above) learning platform offers JTB Group employees a wide range of educational programs on sustainability and related topics.

Destination-Specific Training & Credentials

The JTB Group encourages its employees to obtain certifications in order to deepen their understanding of the cultural and environmental uniqueness of the destinations we serve. We also offer a range of training support options.

Specific Initiatives 1: Credential Acquisition

Description Certified Employees
Area Specialist 3,213
'World Heritage' Certification 1,332

Specific Initiatives 2: Remote Learning

Course Name
Travel Geography Basics 300+α (Japan) The ABCs of Event Operations
Travel Geography Basics 400 (International) 'Universal' Events
Tourism Geography (Japan) Japanese Ryokan Hospitality: A Practical Course
Tourism Geography (International) Understanding Japanese History through Cultural Traditions
World Heritage Academy Exam Prep (Level 2) The ABC's of Bringing People, Places, and Possibilities Together: Tourism Fundamentals

Work-life Balance

The JTB Group has always believed that our people are our greatest asset and that service excellence begins with empowering them to perform to their fullest potential. We are working to promote higher workforce satisfaction and productivity through a variety of work-life balance solutions.

The JTB Group Working Style

Guided by the four key concepts described below, the JTB Group Working Style promotes greater organizational diversity by offering our employees the flexibility to choose from a variety of 'anytime, anywhere' working arrangements.

The JTB Group Working Style

The JTB Group offers a number of work-life balance solutions aimed at increasing job satisfaction and flexibility in order to boost employee engagement, foster innovation, and increase productivity. We also strive to provide competitive, individualized compensation/benefit packages to promote retention.


KPIs FY2022 Target FY2022 Actual Note
JTB Group Employee Awareness Survey (Job Satisfaction / Engagement) 80.0% 73.3% Group-wide average
Annual Hours Worked 1,800 1,842 JTB average
Telecommuting Ratio (Employees working from home at least once a month) 20.0% 21.0% JTB average

Specific Initiatives 1:I-Work Remote
This program permits employees who register their 'preferred place of residence' with their employer to work remotely from that location even when assigned a job transfer that would otherwise require relocation.

Specific Initiatives 2:Shorter Workweeks
Aimed at accommodating a wider range of working styles, this program allows employees to elect a four-day workweek.

Specific Initiatives 3:Outside Employment Guidelines
In response to changing social values, the JTB Group now provides employees with written guidelines on the do's and don'ts of outside employment.

Specific Initiatives 4:Telework
Telecommuting offers our employees greater flexibility in where and when they work, allowing them to reduce the time they spend commuting, structure their workday to fit their lifestyle, improve efficiency and productivity, and achieve a better work-life balance.

Specific Initiatives 5:Support for Life Events
Solutions include shortened work hours for parents with child care obligations, voluntary relocation due to spouse transfers, workplace reinstatement, etc.

Specific Initiatives 6:Personal Development Leave
Allows employees to take up to two years of leave in order to improve their professional skills. By supporting employees who take the initiative to gain experience outside our organization, the JTB Group seeks to accelerate their development as innovative, independent-thinking professionals.

Specific Initiatives 7:Flextime
Offers employees the option of doing away with fixed work schedules. Although total annual work hours remain unchanged, flextime gives employees the freedom to set their own work hours anytime between 5:00AM and 10:00PM and to create a work schedule tailored around operational ebb and flow.

Specific Initiatives 8:Fair Compensation for Tour Guides, etc.
The JTB Group ensures that tour guides are properly compensated for all hours worked before, during and after field assignments. We also compensate employee travel days as paid work time. By properly tracking and compensating total work hours, we are better able to manage workforce health and safety, improve productivity, and strengthen recruiting/retention efforts.

Wellbeing Management

By supporting the health and longevity of our workforce, the JTB Group helps its employees live happier, more fulfilled lives and approach their professional pursuits with greater enthusiasm and creativity.

The JTB Workforce Wellbeing Value Statement "Enhancing our employees' quality of life and creating a brighter today"
The JTB Workforce Wellbeing Vision "Be the architect of your own destiny!"
  • ・JTB employees enjoy physical and mental wellbeing and partner with family and friends to lead healthy lifestyles
  • ・By setting personal and professional goals, JTB employees lead happier, more fulfilled lives
  • ・Innovation, productivity, customer satisfaction and stakeholder confidence are the natural byproducts of a happy, healthy workforce
Priority Initiatives
  • Encourage colleagues to play an active role in their own health

    • ・Digital tools and one-to-one guidance help employees identify and address health issues (Launched FY2020).
    • ・Workplace health and wellness events raise awareness and cultivate a wellbeing mindset in the workplace.
    • ・Analytical tools help managers identify and address potential health risks within their teams.
    • ・In-house wellness training and guidance from healthcare professionals help prevent obesity and other lifestyle diseases.
  • Cultivate an environment conducive to mental/emotional wellbeing

    • ・Timely HR interventions through proper monitoring of overtime, absences, etc.
    • ・Use of work stress surveys to identify and mitigate high-risk work settings.
    • ・Training on stress management and early identification of warning signs.
  • Respecting unique needs and circumstances

    • ・We promote diversity and work-life balance solutions that are aligned with changes in the social environment.
Wellbeing Management Initiatives

The JTB Group actively promotes workforce wellbeing through a variety of activities and programs.

KPIs & Targets

KPIs FY2022 Target FY2022 Actual Note
Average Biological/Chronological Age Differential -1.3 years -1.4 years Group-wide average

Specific Initiatives : 〈 Wellness Events 〉 Employee 'Pep Up' Step Challenge
The JTB Group Employee Step Challenge was organized to encourage employees to take greater ownership of their health. Competing in teams for the most steps taken, nearly 3,000 JTB colleagues used the popular 'Pep Up' mobile app to take a big step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Awards and Accolades


The JTB Corp. (including domestic subsidiaries) was recognized as a 2023 Health & Productivity Management "White 500" organization by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

Promoting Safety and Health

The JTB Group is committed to promoting workforce health and safety.

Specific Initiatives : Employee Safety and Health Handbook
As part of our efforts to maintain a healthy workplace environment. the JTB Group provides employees with a handbook containing useful information about medical checkups, fitness, mental and emotional health, overwork, health risks overseas, and health-related leave and reinstatement.