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Description of Initiatives Vol.05


Gender EqualityPromoting gender equality empowers our colleagues to define how they wish to live and work


As part of our commitment to supporting the success of each and every one of our colleagues, the JTB Group is committed to pursuing gender equality.

Through a wide range of in-house initiatives aimed at promoting awareness of gender equality and unconscious bias in the workplace, we help our people define their own personal and professional goals and successfully navigate life events.

Our Plus Forum Series includes workshops aimed at eliminating unconscious bias in the workplace, raising awareness about the importance of balancing work and childcare responsibilities, and helping employees navigate childcare leave, reinstatement, and long-term career development.

We also offer management DEIB training aimed at transforming the mindset of our managerial team by deepening their understanding of DEIB, paternity leave, LGBTQ issues, and other relevant topics.

At the JTB Group, our commitment to social sustainability and the creation of new value is also a commitment to the diversity and individuality of our people.