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Caring for the Earth

Fighting Climate Change

At the JTB Group, we recognize that the health of our business depends on the health of our planet.
Understanding the fragility of the global environment, the JTB Group is committed to protecting the Earth and its precious resources.

JTB Group Environmental Statement

We respect the delicate balance of the global ecosystem. We do everything in our power to contribute to environmental sustainability by ensuring that our operations are guided by integrity and sustainability-mindedness.
The JTB Group is working to mitigate the following risks:

Risks Associated with Climate Change
Risks associated with rising temperatures and sea levels as well as the increasing frequency of natural disasters

〈 Deterioration of Tourism Resources 〉

  • ・Coastal erosion, growing urban tourism risks (storm surge, etc.), coral bleaching, declining snow cover at ski resorts, etc.

〈 General Business Risks 〉

  • ・Increasing risk of damage to physical facilities from natural disasters, productivity losses due to extreme heat, etc.

〈 Additional Risks 〉

  • ・Food supply risks, poor harvests of signature agricultural products

〈 Rising to the Call 〉

  • ・Promoting new destinations to mitigate overtourism
  • ・Promoting climate-resilience (ski resort usage during warmer months, etc.)
  • ・Promoting closer-to-home travel, vacation staggering, etc.
  • ・Enhanced itinerary safety, additional insurance options, etc.
  • ・Development/implementation of hands-on learning opportunities to promote climate change awareness

Risks Associated with Social Change

  • ・Consumer avoidance of air travel due to CO2 emission concerns, shifting consumer travel styles and destination preferences, brand reputation risk
  • ・Higher costs associated with rising fuel prices, supply chain instability, carbon taxes, etc.

〈 Rising to the Call 〉

  • ・We collaborate with business partners to reduce energy consumption (fuel efficiency improvements, equipment upgrades) and increase the use of alternative fuels
KPIs & Targets

As part of its commitment to global sustainability, the JTB Group has adopted a phased approach to reducing the environmental footprint of its business activity. We aim to achieve carbon neutrality (net zero emission of greenhouse gas emissions) by FY2050.

JTB Carbon Neutrality Targets

Medium-term Target Reduce net CO2 emissions to zero by FY2030 (Scopes 1 & 2)
Long-term Target Net-zero supply chain by FY2050(Scopes 1, 2 & 3)

* Scope 3 Target developed in accordance with guidelines issued by Japan's Ministry of the Environment. Emission calculations include Agent-Organized and Tailor-Made tour products. JTB is also pursuing common emission reduction initiatives for Arranged Tours.
* Actual results for FY2019 reflect the latest data for the JTB Group.

FY2022 CO2 Emissions

Scope / Category FY2022 Actual
Emissions(tons CO2) vs. FY2019
Scopes 1-3 (Total) 1,553,265 33.5%
Scopes 1 & 2 18,872 50.9%
Scope 3

Purchased goods and services

1,534,393 33.4%

Capital goods

Fuel- and energy-related activities not included in Scope 1 or 2

Upstream transportation and delivery

Waste generated by operations

Business travel

Employee commuting

Upstream leased assets

Downstream transportation and delivery

Processing of intermediate goods

Use of intermediate goods

End-of-life disposition of intermediate goods

Downstream leased assets



Scope 1 & 2 Initiatives

As power consumption accounts for the bulk of our Scope 1 & 2 CO2 emissions, we are primarily focused on reducing our consumption of electricity and migrating to eco-friendly energy sources.

Specific Initiatives 1: 〈 Reducing Power Consumption 〉 Conserving Energy in the Office

Our lenient summertime and wintertime office dress codes (Cool Biz/Warm Biz) minimize CO2 emissions from air conditioning and heating. We also configure our IT equipment to make optimal use of sleep mode features.
Raising In-House Awareness

Specific Initiatives 2: 〈 Migrating to Eco-Friendly Energy Sources 〉 Renewable Energy
We are actively exploring ways to replace fossil fuels with renewable sources to meet the energy needs of our facilities.

Scope 3 Initiatives

To promote the reduction of Scope 3 CO2 emissions, we are constantly expanding our lineup of eco-friendly offerings.

Specific Initiatives 1: 〈 CO2-Responsible Travel & Events 〉 CO2 Zero
We offer a growing lineup of CO2 offset products,including CO2 Zero Travel and CO2 Zero MICE.

See Page for more information on CO2 Zero Travel
See Page for more information on CO2 Zero MICE

Specific Initiatives 2: 〈 CO2-Responsible Travel & Events 〉 Tracking CO2 Emissions
We are steadily expanding our lineup of business travel services that track CO2 emissions associated with corporate travel.

See Page for more information on ESG-BTM

Specific Initiatives 3: 〈 Clean Energy in the Distribution Sector 〉 Electric Forklifts
As part of our efforts to migrate to clean energy, PULS, a JTB Group company that provides distribution management services for the publishing industry, has converted its entire forklift fleet to eco-friendly electric models.

Preserving the Earth's Biodiversity

The JTB Group's efforts to preserve biodiversity are focused primarily on protecting wild fauna and flora, preventing the spread of invasive species, and promoting animal welfare.

Protecting Wild Fauna and Flora

We comply with international, national and local rules prohibiting the collection and removal of fauna and flora.

Preventing the Spread of Invasive Species

We comply with quarantine rules as well as access restrictions to nature parks and other protected areas.

Promoting Animal Welfare

Our wildlife encounter tours comply with local animal welfare laws.

Tours that Promote Biodiversity

JTB offers a growing lineup of sustainability-minded tours.

Specific Initiatives: 〈 Biodiversity-Conscious Tours 〉 Eco-Responsible Canada Tours
JTB's Tsunagari Tabi tours offer Canada visitors the opportunity to travel more responsibly by patronizing restaurants that serve seafood caught or farmed using sustainable practices. Our 7-Day Polar Bear Expeditions offer Canada travelers the chance to observe polar bears in their natural habitat aboard eco-buggies designed to minimize environmental stress.

Supporting Biodiversity Conservation

JTB also supports biodiversity conservation efforts through donations to environmental groups and participation in thirdparty initiatives.

Specific Initiatives 1:Donations to Conservation Groups
As part of the JTB Group's support for the activities of conservation groups, we donate a portion of the proceeds from our 7-Day Polar Bear Expeditions to Polar Bears International.

Specific Initiatives 2: 〈 Participation in 3rd-Party Initiatives 〉 World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)


As part of our commitment to fulfilling our social obligations as a sustainable business, JTB supports the advocacy efforts of WTTC. Comprised of leading businesses from across the global tourism industry, WTTC seeks to promote tourism as a vehicle for building stronger communities and protecting the global environment. In May 2018, JTB Corp. officially declared its support for the WTTC's Declaration on Illegal Trade in Wildlife.

Resources, Water and Waste

At the JTB Group, we understand that the ongoing viability of our business depends upon preservation of the Earth's resources. We are actively working to transform environmentally unfriendly industry practices in order to promote sustainability across our business and the communities we serve.

Resource Utilization
  • ・We regularly examine and limit our consumption of disposable goods.
  • ・We reduce our consumption of disposable goods by giving preference to longer lasting, reusable products and returnable packaging in our procurement activities.
  • ・We give preference to eco-friendly, locally-sourced products in our procurement of consumables and equipment.
  • ・Through bulk buying, we reduce transport pollution.
  • ・We are committed to monitoring and reducing resource consumption and migrating to eco-friendly alternatives.
Reducing Paper Use
  • ・We continue to make our operations as paperless as possible through digitization.
  • ・We use two-sided, black-and-white printing whenever possible.
Eco-Friendly Paper
  • ・Whenever possible, we try to use copy/multipurpose paper that (1) is FSC-certified, (2) has an overall rating of 80 or higher (percentage of recycled content, etc.) under Japan's Act on Promoting Green Purchase, or (3) contains at least 70% recycled content.

* When we are unable to use paper that meets these standards, we give preference to recycled paper and PEFC-certified products.

Promoting Resource Reuse
  • ・We equip our offices with paper recycling bins and encourage our employees to reuse cardboard, etc.
Reducing Waste
  • ・We use centralized waste collection to promote waste awareness and reduction.
  • ・We encourage our employees to bring their own mugs and water bottles in order to reduce consumption of plastic bottles, etc.
  • ・We diligently separate recyclables (plastics, glass, cans, paper)
  • ・When replacing office equipment, we give preference to recyclable, pre-owned and eco-friendly products.
  • ・We strive to reduce plastic and other packaging waste by buying in bulk whenever possible.
Using Water Wisely
  • ・We strive to comply with national and local water use standards and take active measures to conserve water.
Assessing Risks to Water Resources
  • ・When setting up a new business facility, we assess the potential risks to local water resources. When impact risk is high, we consult with experts to explore appropriate mitigation measures.
Water Conservation
  • ・When purchasing toilets or sinks, we make every effort to procure water-saving models.
  • ・We encourage employees and visitors to conserve water.
Waste Reduction Efforts

KPIs & Targets

KPIs FY2023 FY2025 FY2028
New Hotel Amenity Recycling Stations 8 60 90

Specific Initiatives 1:Amenity Recycling (3Rs) in the Lodging Industry

Through participation in the Amenity Recycling Association (ARA), JTB Trading is promoting amenity reuse in the lodging industry. Under a groundbreaking partnering agreement with the Tokyo prefectural government, ARA is working to promote the 3Rs* 1 and horizontal recycling* 2 of hotel amenities.
JTB Trading is expanding on these efforts to reduce the use of disposable plastic amenities in hotels outside the Tokyo area through campaigns aimed at raising awareness about the potential for reducing CO2 emissions through amenity recycling.
* 1:3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
* 2:The use of recycled products to recreate products of the same type

Specific Initiatives 2: 〈 Digitization Support 〉 Digital Platforms
Integrated digital solutions such as Good Fellows JTB's e-ticketing platform and JTB BOKUN's travel content management platform are helping consumers and businesses reduce reliance on paper tickets.

Specific Initiatives 3: 〈 Digitization Support 〉 Electronic Tour Enrollment & Payment
Through digitization, the JTB Business Innovators are switching to e-vouchers and digital tour enrollment.

Specific Initiatives 4:Raising Internal Awareness
We issue periodic e-mail reminders to our people encouraging them to reduce waste by practicing the 3Rs and reducing consumption of electricity, paper, etc.

Protecting Water Resources

The JTB Group is committed to protecting water resources around the world.

Specific Initiatives:Potable Water in the Philippines
Through an innovative project launched by MIYABI HOUSE Inc. in May 2022, JTB is supporting efforts to provide safe drinking water to residents of Tagum on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. This project, which uses a containerized water filtration system to produce potable water, has supplied 214,680 liters of drinking water to residents as of December 2022.