Sustainability of the JTB Group

Message from Management

We fulfill our social responsibility by "Striving to foster peace and global interconnectedness through the creation of opportunities for meaningful human interaction."

To this end,we aim to deliver excitement, joy and results to our customers by creating opportunities to explore the Earth’s majestic beauty and humanity’s rich historical and cultural heritage. To our customers, we owe our first 100 years of success. We continue to build on that success by delivering unforgettable encounters and contributing to a sustainable society.

Under the slogan, "Perfect moments, always," we will continue to be a corporate group that is sensitive to changes in worldviews and values, and aims to open up a new era of exchange, connecting people's smiles and dreams by leveraging the power of human beings on a digital foundation.

JTB Corp.
Eijiro Yamakita, President and Executive Officer

In the area of sustainability, the JTB Group will contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations, in addition to its existing CSR activities.

Through various dialogues to understand the expectations and challenges of our stakeholders, we will refine our management and business to a level where we can continue to live in harmony with the Earth and society by addressing the SDGs.

In accordance with the various business characteristics of the JTB Group, and based on our involvement in all 17 goals and 169 specific targets to achieve them, we will continue to create places and opportunities for interaction that maximize the appeal of nature and culture, and lead to mutual understanding among people in a sustainable manner, by supporting all people to continue to shine in all aspects of their daily and extraordinary lives, primarily through sympathetic partnerships.

JTB Corp.
Takahiro Kobayashi, Director, Managing Executive Officer, SDGs Promotion

Sustainability Promotion System

The JTB Group promotes initiatives led by the Sustainability Committee, intending to increase corporate value through contributions to a sustainable society.

The JTB Group's management philosophy is to "strive to foster peace and global interconnectedness by creating opportunities for meaningful human interaction" under the group brand system "The JTB Way".
We will continue to create "unforgettable encounters" and contribute to the development of a sustainable society by realizing of excitement, joy, and results for our customers.

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee brings together people from across all departments to develop strategies, set goals, and manage progress toward the Group's sustainability goals.
We also share and discuss initiatives for internal penetration.

Toward Penetration of Sustainability

To realize sustainability, all Group employees must understand the concept. We regularly conduct training for all Group employees and share initiatives within the Group.