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Colleague Spotlight Vol.01


Promote activities that enable each individual to maximize performance

JTB Corp. Business Solution Headquarters Branch Ⅵ

Misato Mori


1. Background, Objectives and Motivation
I have the opportunity to think about the gap between what is ideal and what is real at our company, and I have been regularly exploring what would lead to improvements and what I can personally do. In particular, I feel that a framework that enables each individual to perform to their best is important, so this is something that I would like to work on.

2. Description of Specific Initiatives
As a result of consulting with my superiors, they established a new Human Resources Development Team, and I was appointed as the team leader. The members who wanted to join were enlisted through a show of hands, and the gathered members and I set the main elements of our efforts.
There are two elements: the career element, which introduces the different workstyles that are available at the JTB Group, and the training element, which aids the development of young employees and transferred employees.
We held seminars titled "Career Guideposts" throughout the year for the career element. The theme was changed each time, and the speakers ranged from executive officers to the presidents and human resources personnel of Group companies. For the training element, we were able to build a corporate culture that promotes training by holding seminars about business processes, organizing "bus seminars" that were jointly created with our business partners, and more.

3. Going Forward
Through these activities, we were able to establish a character trait of being favorable to personnel training and development, and this establishment helped make it easier to gain the understanding and cooperation of those around us. We are looking to further raise engagement by the employees and aid the promotion of DEIB by laterally sharing these initiatives throughout the country and expanding the scope.