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Personal growth and development

Creating Learning Opportunities that Engage and Inspire

The JTB Group eagerly contributes to the development of tomorrow's leaders.
We believe that 'experiential learning' is key to retention.
Harnessing our expertise in educational travel and experiential learning, we offer a wide range of learning solutions ranging from SDGs education and turnkey school event services to original educational publications and games. Whenever possible, we strive to ensure that our educational products and services accommodate learning differences.

Key Initiatives

SDGs Education
In 2020, the JTB Group launched a video-based learning program designed to cultivate awareness and understanding of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. We are partnering with Digital Hollywood University to develop original content in order to further enhance the learning experience.

SDGs School
The SDGs School offers video learning materials aimed at encouraging high school students to understand and practice the SDGs. A range of support is available for both learners and instructors to facilitate learning.

SDGs Virtual Networking
This unique service is designed to connect local governments (communities) pursuing progressive SDGs initiatives in Japan with businesses and organizations interested in getting more involved with sustainability.
Through learning modules and discussion activities, participants are encouraged to explore how they and their organizations can become positive agents of sustainable change.

Turnkey School Event Design
JTB understands that school functions and events have the potential to nurture student development in ways that complement classroom-based instruction. 'Turnkey School Event Design' puts JTB's event planning expertise and extensive library of learning resources at the fingertips of administrators and faculty to create original school events that engage and inspire.

'Explore the Future'
'Explore the Future' workshops provide middle school and high school students the unique 'inquiry-based' opportunity to explore tourism's potential as a vehicle for regional revitalization. Using industry 'big data' accessed through JTB's proprietary Tourism Forecasting Data Science app, participants work together to examine community challenges and strengths, develop forward-looking solutions, and share their findings with the group through presentation posters.

JTB Publishing Initiatives
Educational Publications by Rurubu
JTB Publishing offers a wide variety of sustainability education products for an elementary school audience including 'SDGs' and 'Life in the Future' (part of Rurubu's widely acclaimed educational manga series 'Learning Made Fun with Rurubu Manga & Games') as well as an original SDGs board game.
'Rurubu Kids' Web Media
JTB Publishing also provides a variety of free content including interviews with businesses aiming to implement the SDGs through the delivery of sustainable children's products and services as well as ideas for parents and children interested in getting more involved in sustainability.

Rurubu Kids

Sustainability in action

Creating a Sustainable Organization through an Appreciation of Other Points of View

Innovative SDGs Learning Program Harnesses JTB's Global Reach

For more than two years, the pandemic forced schools across Japan to cancel overseas trips and study tours. In order to provide the nation's youth with opportunities to cultivate a global sustainability mindset, JTB has partnered with its overseas offices to create 'SDGs Virtual Camp - Be a Global Leader'.
Harnessing digital convenience, this online program enables participants to master the ABCs of the SDGs by exploring sustainability initiatives underway in different countries around the world... all from the comfort of their own classrooms. Typically held over three days, SDGs Virtual Camp builds in 'reflection time' at the end of each day's session to allow students to process their learning. The program aims to foster a sense of 'SDGs ownership', encouraging participants to explore how they can practice sustainability wherever they are.
In recent months, SDGs Virtual Camp is being offered in English and social studies classes as well as to prepare students for participation in overseas school trips and language study programs.