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Personal Growth and Development

Making a Difference through Education

The JTB Group understands the value of education. We are committed to inspiring tomorrow's leaders and developing the competencies of today's tourism professionals through an extensive range of educational programs and materials focused on experiential learning, cultural stewardship and environmental responsibility.

Educational Programs

The JTB Group recognizes the important role of experiential learning in helping students make connections between theory and practice. We offer a broad array of classroom- and fieldbased educational programs catering to learners of all ages.

Specific Initiatives 1: Experiential Learning Abroad
The JTB Group offers numerous overseas learning opportunities that allow participants to experience firsthand how different cities around the world are tackling environmental and social challenges. Working alongside experts and local residents, participants make connections between SDGs theory and practice and deepen their understanding of real-world sustainability challenges.

Location Description
Heidelberg, Germany Participants visit an immersive learning center showcasing the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change
Vancouver, Canada Participants (online or in-person) explore the issue of food waste and its effects on the environment
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia Participants take part in volunteer beach cleanup activities and attend a presentation at city hall about waste management
Honolulu, USA Participants ride on a fully-electric tour bus and learn about clean energy initiatives in the Aloha State

Specific Initiatives 2: Sustainability Learning for Middle and High School
In collaboration with institutions of higher learning, the JTB Group develops a wide range of sustainability education programs including SDGs workshops and instructional videos. Through multimedia content development and field outings, JTB is doing its part to cultivate the sustainability leaders of tomorrow.


  • ・Global Link
  • ・CO2 Zero School Excursions: Promoting Sustainability and Eco-Responsibility
  • ・SDGs Virtual Camp - Be a Global Leader
  • ・Decade of Action: A New SDGs Workshop
  • ・Online International Exchange Programs
  • ・SDGs School: An Educational Video Journey
  • ・The 17 GOALs Project: Gives middle and high school students opportunities to explore and solvereal-world sustainability challenges
  • ・Japan UNESCO - Cambodia Terakoya Study Tours
  • ・Our Future Design: An SDGs Learning Program
  • ・Inquiry-based Learning Module: Considering the SDGs when Choosing the Right College
Educational Innovation

Building on the success of its popular 'Rurubu' publications featuring things to see, eat and do in Japan and around the world, JTB Publishing's new lineup of educational publications and products for kids promote exploration, creativity, and learning. With subject matter input from experts, Rurubu editors have developed a fun and intuitive format that stimulates the curiosity of children while deepening their understanding of environmental and social challenges. Rurubu Kids Web Media provides information on local events for parents of small children as well as feature articles on subjects near and dear to the hearts of children. By showcasing sustainability in the context of familiar places and products, Rurubu Kids helps children begin their sustainability journey early.

Measuring Our Success

KPIs FY2023 FY2025 FY2028
Book donations to promote SDGs learning 370 120 150
Local sustainability initiatives featured in Rurubu publication 127 148 148
Local and corporate sustainability initiatives featured via Rurubu Kids Web Media 22 30 35

Specific Initiatives: Education: Media, Games and More

Category Name
Web media Rurubu Kids
Games Rurubu SDGs Sugoroku Game
Training and Support for Eco Tour Guides

Through Japan Ecotourism Society, an organization founded to promote sustainable tourism and nature conservation, the JTB Group provides training support for Eco Tour Guides*.
This is just one of many ways that the JTB Group is working to develop visitor sensitivity, promote respect for the uniqueness of each destination, and encourage environmental and cultural preservation.

* Eco Tour Guides play an important role in educating tourists about local culture/ecology and promoting sustainability awareness.