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Description of Initiatives Vol.02


Work StylesPromoting employee wellbeing and performance through flexible, self-directed working styles


The JTB Group WORK Style aims to promote diversity, dynamism and the creation of new value by offering colleagues a wide array of flexible, self-directed work style solutions.

In order to improve employee motivation and satisfaction, the JTB Group is continually rolling out new programs that allow our people to choose when and where they work. Robust in-house training and communication help raise awareness about the availability of these programs and how they can be used to promote better work-life balance.

For example, our Relocations-Free Transfers Program, rolled out in 2020, permits employees to work remotely from a 'registered preferred domicile' even if they are issued a transfer that would otherwise require relocation. This work style option makes an expanded range of career paths available to employees who prefer not to relocate, allowing them to be 'assigned' to other business locations (including main office assignments) while continuing to live where they choose.

In addition, our Shorter Workweek Program liberates participants from the constraints of a 5-day workweek. Employees are free to decide on the total number of working days they wish to work annually (4-day workweeks, etc.). Some of our people take advantage of this program to balance work and family obligations while others use the additional days off to challenge themselves through outside employment.

The JTB Group is committed to improving employee wellbeing and performance by allowing our people to select the work arrangements that best suit their needs and goals. We will continue to develop HR policies and programs that help employer and employee work together to mutually support each other's growth and success.