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Business Solution

Business Solution

Business Solutions Strategy

Vision of the Business Solutions

We realize customer success by providing a complex range of corporate solutions while staying close to the customer's problem-solving process.

Business Solutions Domain

Solving the internal and external challenges faced by organizations​

Future Business Solutions

Through the provision of a wide range of internal and external products and services, we seek to resolve a variety of issues within companies, with a focus on communication challenges.

Future Business Solutions


Meetings &Events(M&E)

Our M&E solutions help businesses achieve external and internal objectives through a strategic approach to meetings and events.

All Event Modalities​
All Event Modalities

We produce meetings and events across all delivery platforms (in-person, virtual, hybrid) around the world, helping businesses advance their external (customer) and internal (workforce) objectives effectively and efficiently.

Strategic M&E Management
Strategic M&E Management

We use CVENT products to enable businesses across Japan and around the world get more out of their meetings and events. By providing full-service support from development of KPIs and event management services to after-action review and analytics, JTB helps organizations empirically verify and enhance M&E efficacy and strategic alignment.

Employee Value Proposition(EVP)

We help organizations improve workforce alignment and retention through strategic EVP solutions.

Workplace Surveys​

Inspired by more than 25 years of proprietary research on work motivation theory, JTB Communication Design has developed workplace surveys that provide a one-stop approach to identifying and solving alignment and engagement 'gaps' within an organization. Survey results are used to quantitatively assess organizational health and to develop concrete, tailored measures to promote autonomous organizational transformation.​

HRD Consulting
HRD Consulting

Our HR development consulting services are based on proprietary methodologies designed to cultivate workforce engagement and service-mindedness. We provide HRD support to over 1,000 organizations including government agencies and corporations spanning a wide range of industries.

Administrative Solutions that Cut Costs and Raise Efficiency

We provide a wide range of back-of-the-house solutions to help organizations accomplish more for less.

Streamlined Expense Reimbursement
Streamlined Expense Reimbursement

J's NAVI NEO is an expense reimbursement system that streamlines travel expense reimbursement processes. Developed to deliver maximum ease-of-use based on JTB's expertise in business travel best practices, J's NAVI NEO is compliant with Japan's Electronic Books and Records Preservation Act. (Upper image)​

We also offer a platform for virtual (cardless) Mastercard® numbers to help improve the efficiency of payment operations. (Lower image)​

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