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Our History

1912 Mar. On March 12, the JAPAN TOURIST BUREAU is established, taking on the mission of the "Kihinkai."
1915 Jan. Commissioned by the Ministry of Railways to sell tickets to foreign visitors.
1924 Apr. Launched the magazine "Tabi".
1925 Dec. Start of sales of rail tickets to Japanese customers nationwide.
1927 Jul. JAPAN TOURIST BUREAU becomes an incorporated body.
1941 Aug. Renamed East Asian Travel Agent (an incorporated body)
1942 Dec. East Asian Travel Agent becomes a juridical foundation
1943 Dec. Renamed East Asian Travel Corporation, a juridical foundation, and takes over the assets and work of International Tourism Association.
1945 Sep. Renamed JAPAN TRAVEL BUREAU.
1960 Dec. Headquarters building in Marunouchi is completed.
1962 Apr. Construction of the central training center is completed.
1963 Nov. JAPAN TRAVEL BUREAU Inc. is established.
1964 Mar. SUNRISE TOURS launched on the inbound travel market.
1968 Apr. Launched wholesale overseas travel products.
Jun. The LOOK brand is launched.
1971 Jan. Sales through the ACE brand are launched.
1979 Feb. LOOK customers top 1 million.
1982 Mar. "Palette", a overseas travel product is launched.
1983 Aug. The YES JTB Card is launched.
1984 Jan. ACE JTB customers top 10 million.
Feb. LOOK customers top 2 million.
Apr. SUNRISE TOURS customers top 3 Million.
1985 Apr. Sales of advance payment plan "Tabitabi" are launched.
1986 Jan. Tabitabi wins Nikkei Marketing Journal's premier award.
1987 Sep. LOOK customers top 3 million.
Nov. Launch of "Nice Shop" merchandize voucher valid at department stores.
1988 Apr. JTB World launches wholesale sales of LOOK and other overseas travel package products.
Oct. CI is introduced and JAPAN TRAVEL BUREAU is renamed JTB.
1989 Jan. ACE JTB customers top 20 million.
"Nice Shop" receives the Nikkei Ryutsu Shimbun Excellence Award.
Apr. The LOOK brand is renamed LOOK JTB.
May. Started issuing new "JTB Card" in cooperation with MasterCard.
Jul. Establishment of JI Accident & Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., in a joint venture with AIG of the United States.
Dec. Established a travel agency, JR TOKAI TOURS, inc,, as a joint venture with JR Central.
1990 Mar. MasterCard Japan will join the Joint Payment System, enabling JTB cards to be used at a total of 2 million MasterCard-affiliated merchants in Japan.
1991 Jan. The Gulf War breaks out and has a major impact on international travel sales.
1992 Oct. JTB DATA SERVICE, Inc., is established as a special subsidiary to promote employment of persons with disabilities.
Nov. Construction of the group headquarters "Foresta" is completed in Tama City.
1993 Apr. JTB own brand travelers' checks are first issued, available for purchase outside banks.
Nov. FIT Center is established.
Dec. BTS (Business Travel System) Center is established.
1994 Jan. Launch of the new LOOK JTB, integrating LOOK and Palette.
1995 Jan. Five branches were damaged by the Great Hanshin Earthquake, greatly affecting domestic travel sales.
Oct. Commenced sales of the new "Nice Stay" (common ticket for inns and hotels).
1996 Feb. Introduction of automatic multimedia stations at convenience stores in Tokyo and launch of sales of travel products.
Mar. LOOK JTB customers top 1 million/year.
1998 Apr. Establishment of JTB SYSTEM SOLUTION, Inc.
May. Start of online sales of travel products "JTB INFO CREW."
2000 Feb. JTB BENEFIT SERVICE Corp. is established to handle the outsourcing of welfare and other benefits.
May. Internet travel sales company Tavigator, Inc. established jointly with Yahoo Japan Corp. and the Softbank Group.
Aug. JTB-CWT Business Travel Solutions, Inc., is established as a business travel company, in a joint venture with Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT).
2001 Jan. Renamed JTB Corp and Head Office moves to Tennozu in Tokyo.
Head office relocation: 3-11, Higashi Shinagawa 2-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Jun. Established Tourism Marketing Research Institute, Inc. as a research company for travel and tourism.
Sep. The terrorist attacks on the United States will have a major impact on international travel sales.
2002 Mar. 90th anniversary of JTB establishment
Jun Handles all official transportation and other tours relating to the FIFA World Cup jointly hosted by Korea and Japan.
Oct. Launch "Nice Select" gift vouchers for couples, offering choice of accommodations.
2003 Jan. JTB Environmental Proclamation issued.
Mar. Outbreak of Iraq War and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) will have a major impact on international travel sales.
ACE JTB customers top 10 million/year.
2004 Oct. Publishing operations combined to from JTB Publishing Inc.
Nov. Announced the conversion to a holding company to establish a new management structure and achieve further growth for the JTB Group.
2005 Apr. JTB Global Marketing & Travel begins operations (JTB's inbound travel division is transferred).
2006 Apr. Transfer to a new management structure (segmentalization of business),and "Your Global Lifestyle Partner" designated as the new Group tie-line.
May. Establishment of J&J Business Development Corp., as a joint venture with JCB Co., Ltd.
2007 Apr. Opens website "JAPANiCAN.com" to provide online multilingual services for overseas visitors to Japan.
Jun. Creates joint Nice Gift vouchers with JCB Co., Ltd. valid at 500,000 retailers in Japan.
2008 Jan. Acquisition of shares in Tumlare Group.
Oct. LOOK JTB customers top 25 million.
2009 Apr. JTB Timetable 1,000th issue.
Jun. Establishment of the Ryokan Management Resources Development Fund.
2010 Jan. ACE JTB celebrates 40 years of sales.
Dec. "Rurubu" is officially recognized as the largest selling travel guide series in the world,by the Guinness Book of Records™.
2011 Apr. Formulation of a new Group brand message, "The JTB Way."
Oct. NEW CENTURY INTERNATIONAL TOUR CO., LTD. acquired the permission for overseas travel sales for Chinese citizens.
2012 Mar. 100th anniversary of JTB establishment.
Jul.-Aug. Served 7,178 people at the London Olympics.
2013 Feb. Starts "JTB Universal Tourism"
2014 May. Acquisition of shares in Europa Mundo Vacaciones in Spain.
Sep. Signing of United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) World Tourism Ethics Charter.
Oct. State of Hawaii declares October 1, 2014 as "JTB Day," commemorating 50th anniversary of JTB Honolulu Branch opening.
Dec. Acquisition of shares in TOUREAST Group.
2015 Sep. "JTB Sports" established as new brand.
2016 Mar. JTB concludes Official Travel Service Partner agreement for 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Apr. JTB Communication Design Inc. founded.
2017 Jan. Acquisition of shares in MC&A in Hawaii.
Mar. Panorama JTB Tours PT. is established in Indonesia.
2018 Jan. Modification of the trade name to JTB Corp.
Apr. Transfer to a new management structure (business integration)
2019 Sep. Contribution as Official Travel Agent to the success of Rugby World Cup 2019™
2020 Apr. Established GoodFellows JTB inc.
Oct. Start of New Medium-Term Management Plan.
2021 Apr. Inauguration of new organization through reorganization.
Jun. Established JTB Business Transformation Corp.
Aug. Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games (held without spectators), as Official Travel Service Partner, handling approximately 269,000 passengers on behalf of the Organizing Committee, athletes, and other Games-related personnel, etc.
2022 Mar. JTB conculudes MOU with GSTC 110th Anniversary of JTB establishment.