Enriching local communities

As the JTB Group develops its trip as a culture,
We are actively contributing to the development of the next generation and supporting environmental conservation and cultural activities.
We will contribute to the development of local communities through various activities and expand people-to-people exchanges.

*Most of the sites are in Japanese, but some are in English and are marked as (English).

Realizing a Better Society

The JTB Group is actively supporting the development of local communities, environmental preservation, and cultural activities in order to realize the "Exchange Creation Project" that will be positioned as a business domain.

The JTB Brighter Earth Project

The JTB Group's employees work together with our customers and local communities to create a vibrant future through environmental beautification and people-to-people exchanges. Together with all the people involved, we are promoting activities with the goal of "making the community vibrant and smiling."

The JTB Creative Exchange Awards(formerly the JTB Exchange Culture Award)

This is an effort to invite, select, and award examples of innovative efforts to promote tourism and actual interactions experienced. It has been held every year since its establishment in 2005 to create sustainable exchanges rooted in local communities, create the attractiveness of each region, and helping to revitalize local communities. It has been backing up award-winning communities in a variety of ways.
※ Since fiscal 2018, the name has been changed to The JTB Creative Exchange Awards.

"Mori no Nigiwai"Events

This is an initiative started in 1981 to pass down the disappearing culture and history to future generations. "We propose travel planning based on the concept of ""finding and digging out local festivals and entertainments that are buried or are about to be forgotten in the community, collecting and developing them in one place at any time and place, and having fun while traveling.""" Through collaboration with local governments and tourism-related organizations, we are not confined to mere tourist products. We are also developing the protection of traditional culture in local communities, supporting the arts for creative arts by young people, and enhancing the colors of these projects as regional revitalization projects.

The Future of Tohoku

This section introduces the initiatives and activities in Tohoku since the Great East Japan Earthquake.
The JTB Group is committed to imagining the power of travel to bring people together, and to working with the people of Tohoku to contribute to the future of this fascinating region.

Holding The JTB Travel & Culture Lecture

"In order to establish ""Travel as a Culture,"" JTB sponsors a ""The JTB Travel & Culture Lecture"" where writers, actors, film directors, and other celebrities from all walks of life talk about their travel experiences and views." Many customers enjoy it.

UNICEF Foreign Coin Fund

As an executive committee of the JTB Group, the JTB Group, and the Japan UNICEF Association, conduct foreign coin fund-raising activities. We have set up donation boxes at branch offices nationwide, and we collect foreign coins that are left unused by foreign tourists and use them for children in developing countries.

Activities to support the diffusion of guide dogs

The Japan Guide Dog Association uses collected donations to train and disseminate guide dogs. The JTB Group collects donations through the Labrador Fund Collection Box at stores.

Contributing to the Nurturing of the Next Generation

Education is the cornerstone for building the future.
The JTB Group will contribute to the creation of a prosperous future by supporting education for younger generations.

For junior high school students in a workplace

The JTB Group supports and participates in the Shinagawa Workplace, operated by the Future Cooperative Education Promotion Organization, targeting junior high schools in Shinagawa Ward. This event is held to invite students to a company, touch on the contents of work and the significance of working, and make use of this experience when choosing a future course. This initiative, which began in 2012, has been thanked by schools and students.

Sponsorship of KidZania

The JTB Group sponsors Kidzania in order to contribute to the realization of rich education, and exhibits the pavilion in Kidzania Tokyo.
At KidZania Tokyo, you will learn about the wonders of travel and the joy and significance of interacting with people through the planning of the original tour.
We hope that by learning about the country’s culture, industry, and national character, it will inspire us to think about things on a global scale.

Special Class in overseas: Reading the original picture book "Uwabaki Cook"

With the cooperation of the Foundation for the Promotion of Overseas Children Education, JTB, Yomiuri Television, and Gakuen Plus implemented a three-company collaborative project to help Japanese girls expand their languages overseas, increasing in the number of Japanese companies expanding overseas. For local Japanese schools and students studying Japanese, we conducted a lesson through a Yomiuri TV announcer to read and listen to original picture books and "enjoy communicating in words through student reading."