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Sustainable Business Management

Sustainability at JTB

Through programs like the JTB Brighter Earth Project launched in 1982, the JTB Group has been actively engaged in environmental and social sustainability for decades.
Our understanding of sustainability has evolved with the passage of time. We no longer view sustainability simply in a CSR context. We understand that genuine sustainability can only be achieved when we use our business as a vehicle to solve socioeconomic and environmental challenges.
Through its activities, the JTB Group seeks to contribute to the solution of societal challenges and ensure the sustainability of our business and the planet.

Sustainability at JTB

Who We Aspire To Be

The JTB Group views travel and tourism as a vehicle for solving community and environmental challenges, safeguarding human rights and dignity, and promoting equitable and sustainable socioeconomic development. We are committed to leading the way.
Working collaboratively with like-minded communities and partners, the JTB Group strives to make the visitor experience more meaningful and authentic. We do this by providing a constantly expanding range of eco-friendly options, promoting visitor understanding of the local culture and environment, and developing new hospitality-based pathways towards sustainability.


Our Business as a Vehicle towards Sustainability

The JTB Group has identified the following 3 sustainability priorities: Enriching the Human Experience, Nurturing our Surroundings, and Engaged Partnering. These priorities provide us with a sustainability framework that informs and shapes our conduct as an organization.
We are committed to addressing the negative impacts generated by the travel and tourism industry, fulfilling our organizational mission in the most socioeconomic and environmentally sustainable ways possible.

Enriching the Human Experience

The JTB Group is committed to the development of a sustainable, inclusive and fair society that ensures all of its members the opportunity to realize their fullest potential in every facet of their lives - from the everyday to the extraordinary.

  • ・Recognizing the intimate connection between employee wellbeing and productivity, we seek to enhance the leisure experience and job satisfaction of our colleagues.
  • ・We support lifelong learning, capacity building and employee engagement in order to help our people continuously expand their personal and professional horizons.
  • ・We are committed to diversity and inclusion as well as the elimination of visible as well as invisible barriers.



Key Initiatives
Nurturing Our Surroundings

JTB Group's products, services and solutions not only provide our customers with opportunities to connect, learn and expand, they reflect our abiding commitment to preserving the environment and the unique cultural heritage of every destination we serve.

  • ・JTB seeks to discern community needs, foster mutual understanding, and support initiatives aimed at promoting long-term regional viability and allure.
  • ・We care deeply for the environment and our policies and practices reflect a firm resolve to leave the Earth a better place than we found it.



Key Initiatives
Engaged Partnering

Through engaged partnering with our diverse network of domestic and overseas stakeholders, the JTBGroup works to develop collaborative and sustainable solutions that make a real difference.


Key Initiatives
Identification of Sustainability Priorities

Working within the framework established by the SDGs and other key global initiatives, the JTB Group has identified its sustainability priorities through an exhaustive materiality assessment. These
priorities reflect the sustainability dimensions that are most relevant to our business as well as the expectations and concerns of our stakeholders and the broader society as a whole. They guide our efforts to use our business as a vehicle for solving community challenges and promoting socioeconomic and environmental sustainability.
Here is a closer look at the process we used to identify our sustainability priorities.

Our Business as a Vehicle towards Sustainability

Sustainability Framework

The JTB Group's sustainability initiatives, coordinated and monitored by our Sustainability Committee, are aimed at enhancing business value by contributing to long-term socioeconomic and environmental sustainability.

Schematic Overview

Sustainability Framework
Sustainability Committee

The JTB Group's Sustainability Committee brings together'champions' from across our entire organization to develop sustainability strategies and targets as well as to monitor the Group's sustainability performance.
Under the leadership of our Chief Sustainability Officer, this Committee is also tasked with raising internal sustainability awareness and engagement through information-sharing, training and recognition of best practices. It meets quarterly and its decisions are communicated to the JTB Group's executive leadership team for integration into the management of our business.

Promoting Internal Awareness & Engagement

The success of our organization's sustainability efforts hinges upon the understanding and engagement of our people. The JTB Group uses a variety of tools to cultivate internal sustainability-mindedness including information-sharing, workforce surveys, training and education, and recognition of best practices.

Sustainability training in action
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