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Sustainable business management

Our Business as a Vehicle towards Sustainability

The JTB Group has identified the following 3 sustainability priorities: Enriching the Human Experience, Nurturing our Surroundings, and Engaged Partnering. These priorities provide us with a sustainability framework that informs and shapes our conduct as an organization.
We are committed to addressing the negative impacts generated by the travel and tourism industry, fulfilling our organizational mission in the most socioeconomic and environmentally sustainable ways possible.

Enriching the Human Experience

The JTB Group is committed to the development of a sustainable, inclusive and fair society that ensures all of its members the opportunity to realize their fullest potential in every facet of their lives - from the everyday to the extraordinary.

  • ・Recognizing the intimate connection between employee wellbeing and productivity, we seek to enhance the leisure experience and job satisfaction of our colleagues.
  • ・We support lifelong learning, capacity building and employee engagement in order to help our people continuously expand their personal and professional horizons.
  • ・We are committed to diversity and inclusion as well as the elimination of visible as well as invisible barriers.
Key Initiatives
Nurturing Our Surroundings

JTB Group's products, services and solutions not only provide our customers with opportunities to connect, learn and expand, they reflect our abiding commitment to preserving the environment and the unique cultural heritage of every destination we serve.

  • ・JTB seeks to discern community needs, foster mutual understanding, and support initiatives aimed at promoting long-term regional viability and allure.
  • ・We care deeply for the environment and our policies and practices reflect a firm resolve to leave the Earth a better place than we found it.
Key Initiatives
Engaged Partnering

Through robust partnering with domestic and overseas stakeholders, we work collaboratively to develop solutions that engage and inspire.

Key Initiatives
Identifying our Priorities (Materiality)
Identifying our Priorities (Materiality)

In alignment with our Medium-Term Management Plan and the JTB Group Vision of 'pioneering ways to bring people, place and possibilities together in a New Era', the JTB Group has identified three sustainability priorities based on a comprehensive materiality assessment of the factors most relevant to our business and the expectations and concerns of society and our stakeholders.
These materiality-guided priorities provide an overarching framework that shapes and informs our journey towards greater sustainability. Stakeholder Expectations and Concerns "Business Relevance ""Stakeholder Expectations and Concerns"

Sustainability Framework

Coordinated and monitored by the JTB Group Sustainability Committee, our sustainability initiatives are aimed at generating enhanced corporate value by contributing to long-term socioeconomic and environmental sustainability.

Sustainability Framework

The JTB Group's Mission is to 'foster peace and global interconnectedness by creating opportunities for meaningful human interaction'.
To our customers, we are committed to delivering excitement, joy, and results. To our planet, we are committed to infusing every aspect of our business with sustainability-mindedness.

Sustainability Committee

The JTB Group Sustainability Committee brings together 'champions' from across our entire organization to develop sustainability strategies, goals and initiatives as well as to monitor the Group's sustainability performance.
Under the leadership of our Sustainability Officer, our Sustainability Committee is also tasked with raising internal sustainability awareness and engagement through information-sharing, training and the recognition of best practices.

Sustainability: An Ongoing Journey

At the JTB Group, we believe that our journey towards sustainability begins with employee awareness and engagement. To cultivate sustainability-mindedness, we use a variety of tools including workforce awareness surveys, sustainability training, recognition programs, and internal information-sharing.

Sustainability Training
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