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The JTB Way

The JTB Way represents the JTB Group and its employees.
It is the starting point to which we return in our daily activities.
The JTB Way is the starting point to which we return in our daily activities,
and it is a guidepost that indicates the meaning of our existence and the direction in which we should go.
It is the pillar of all corporate activities and employee behavior.

JTB Group Digital Credo JTB Group Digital Credo


1. JTB Group Mission


2. Vision Statement

Brand Promise

3. Our Promise to the customer


4. ONE JTB Values


JTB Group Mission

We strive to foster peace and global
interconnectedness through the creation of
opportunities for meaningful human


Vision Statement

Pioneering Ways to bring people, places and
possibilities together in a New Era.


Our Promise to the customer【Brand Promise】

We aim to deliver excitement, joy and results to our
customers through the creation of opportunities to explore
the Earth's majestic beauty and humanity's rich historical and
cultural heritage. To our customers we owe our first 100 years of success,
and contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

Branding Slogan

Perfect moments, always

At JTB, we leave no stone unturned in our relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction.
We define ourselves by the intensity of our customers' smiles.


ONE JTB Values

A common set of values that all employees in the Group will take to heart and apply in their day-to-day decisions and actions in order to realize the Group's management vision, the embodiment of its management policies and the promise to customers (the core concept of the brand).

ONE JTB Values

  • Create trust

    We are always sincere and stay close to
    people's hearts.

    "Trust" is at the heart of our business, where people are our greatest asset.
    -"Trust" is an expression that involves action now and into the future, as we carry on the "baton of trust" from the past and we
    continue to build on it in our relationships with stakeholders.

  • Rise to the challenge

    We continue to challenge ourselves to
    exceed the expectations of all.

    It is a matter of course for us to meet the expectations of our customers and society, but we emphasize that our "challenge" is to exceed those expectations. We aim to meet and exceed the expectations of society by taking on the challenge to solve social issues and to grow as a company that contributes to the realization of a sustainable society.

  • Keep smiling

    Our smiles make our customers happy.

    We want to be an organization and a company where we are proud of our work, where it is rewarding and where we can smile. We define ourselves by the intensity of our customers' smiles. To make everyone we communicate with smile, and to create smiling moments with the people they communicate with, is the creation of meaningful human interactions that we aim for.

JTB Group Code of Conduct

The 'moral compass' that guides all aspects of our professional conduct as JTB Group colleagues and defines our 'promise to the public'. Compliance with the Code of Conduct promotes The JTB Way, earns us the confidence of our stakeholders and the public at large, and supports our commitment to a sustainable tomorrow.