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Top Commitment

The JTB Group’s social responsibility is in our Mission: ‘We strive to foster peace and global interconnectedness through the creation of opportunities for meaningful human interaction’.To fullfill this mission, we strive to deliver wonder, excitement and results to our customers by creating ways for them to interact with nature, culture, history, and one another. We are determined to build upon our century-plus history of service to continue creating value and possibilities and contributing to the development of a sustainable society.

President and CEO, JTB Corp.

Eijiro Yamakita

JTB Sustainability
Delivering Wonder and Delight… for the Next 100 Years

For more than a century, the JTB Group has been delivering ‘Perfect Moments’ by connecting people, places and possibilities all acrossthe world. We understand that our long-term viability as an organization is intimately linked to the sustainability of our industry, society and the planet as a whole. We are excited about playing a leadership role in the journey towards greater sustainability, creating opportunities to rediscover the Earth’s wonders, bringing the distant within reach, converting dreams into reality, and pioneering rewarding yet sustainable ways of living, working and playing.

Sustainability Movie
JTB Group Sustainability Initiative

Materiality-Guided Sustainability Priorities

Based on stakeholder expectations, social concerns and business relevance (materiality), the JTB Group has identified the following three primary dimensions of sustainability where we believe can make the greatest difference.

1.Enriching the Human Experience

The JTB Group is committed to the development of a sustainable, inclusive and fair society that ensures all ofits members the opportunity to realize their fullest potential in every facet of their lives -from the everyday to the extraordinary.

2.Nurturing Our Surroundings

JTB Group’s products, services and solutions not only provide our customers with opportunities to connect, learn and expand, they reflect our abiding commitment to preserving the environment and the unique cultural heritage of every destination we serve.

3.Engaged Partnering

Through robust stakeholder partnering, the JTB Group delivers solutions that engage and inspire.

Every member company of the JTB Group around the world is committed to working as ONE JTB to advance the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

JTB Sustainability Priorities and the SDGs

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