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Corporate Customers

Corporate Customers

Connecting people, connecting smiles.

Sensitive to changes in world views and values, and
Connecting people's smiles and dreams by leveraging the power of human
Here are some of the value creation stories that JTB is working on as we pioneer a new era of exchange.

Business partner that provides one-stop accompaniment to solve organizational issues

Travel is only a small part of the business we are in. Our professional and highly hospitable employees accompany our clients as business partners in pursuit of the goals they wish to reach.

Story of Value Creation at JTB

Linkage among companies, local governments, and schools is the key to innovation creation.

By connecting our corporate clients, "companies, local governments , and schools," we will be there to help solve their respective issues and contribute to the creation of new value that is created by connecting them.

Story of Value Creation at JTB

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Based on international standards for corporate social responsibility, international standards for sustainable tourism, and the JTB Group's Code of Conduct, we have formulated the following six pillars for specific initiatives.

Sustainability Policy

  • Sustainability Framework and Compliance
  • Promoting Sustainability through Customer Communication
  • Conserving the Earth's Resources and Biodiversity
  • Promoting Sustainable Communities
  • Sustainable Service Delivery through Value Chain Partnering
  • Creating an Inclusive, Fair and Sustainability-Oriented Work Environment