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Building Partnerships with Stakeholders

Stakeholder Connections

At the JTB Group, we view the following seven stakeholder groups as our primary partners in the pursuit of business value enhancement: (1) Customers, (2) Communities, (3) Business Partners, (4) Government/International Agencies, (5) Shareholders/Investors, (6) Employees, and (7) the Environment. We believe that understanding stakeholder needs and expectations and working collaboratively to address social challenges is the most reliable pathway to commercial success. Through engaged partnering, we contribute to the sustainability of our business and our planet.

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Building Partnerships with Stakeholders

The JTB Group creates solutions and value by connecting its customers (consumers, businesses, communities, schools, etc.) to the people, information and resources they need. We ensure the relevance and viability of our business through strong stakeholder partnerships.

Guiding Principles from the JTB Group Code of Conduct
  • ・Respect for Human Rights
  • ・Integrity in Our Business Dealings
  • ・Environmental Protection/Preservation

The JTB Group backs its policies with specific commitments.

Our Commitment to Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery

The JTB Group is committed to the highest ethical standards in all of its activities. We maintain a zero tolerance policy for bribery and corruption as well as all conduct that creates the appearance of bribery or corruption.
This commitment requires strict compliance with applicable laws and prohibits JTB Group personnel from offering (or receiving) any improper payment, gift or other inducement to (from) any person, including but not limited to private sector workers, public officials, customers, business partners and suppliers.

Our Commitment to Fair and Ethical Competition

JTB is committed to conducting business ethically. We do not engage in unfair trade practices or cartel conduct with any customers, partners, suppliers, or competitors.

Partnering with Suppliers

The JTB Group is working together with suppliers to promote sustainability.

Specific Initiatives:Supplier Sustainability Surveys
We ask our suppliers and vendors to participate in sustainability surveys in order to understand their sustainability programs and develop opportunities for shared training and collaboration.

Supplier Training

Through a variety of supplier training events, the JTB Group is working to improve service delivery and promote sustainability across its supply chain.

Specific Initiatives:Hotel & Ryokan Management Training Academy
The JTB Group offers hotel and ryokan operators a wide training menu including the following courses:

〈 Course Name 〉

  • ・Coaching Skills
  • ・How to Energize Your Organization
  • ・Developing Destination Management Specialists
  • ・Hospitality Management
  • ・Adventure Tourism
  • ・Finance Basics for Hotels and Ryokans
  • ・Business Succession for Ryokan Owners
  • ・COVID Best Practices for Ryokans
  • ・SDGs Engagement for Ryokans and Hotels
  • ・Health Tourism
  • ・Quality Improvement for Ryokan Owners and Customer Service Managers
  • ・Digital & Web Marketing
  • ・Branding