Together with our Business Partners

Collaboration with business partners is indispensable for creating impressions that exceed customer satisfaction.
The JTB Group aims for mutual prosperity by ensuring fair and open relations with its business partners.

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Sharing of attitudes and know-how to customers

In order to improve the quality of services, the JTB Group is strengthening cooperation with its partners and sharing attitudes and know-how regarding businesses.

Sharing service standards

At Look JTB, the Overseas Purchasing Products Division, which is the planning and implementation department of a heartfelt journey, we share with overseas business companies the basic philosophy and philosophy of CS: "We will create our customers' irreplaceable time and moments with the hearts of hospitality unique to the region to thank our customers and smile."
Overseas operating companies have formulated service standards at the front line, such as airport mediation, tour desks, guides, and pick-up and pick-up assistance, translate them into local words, customize them to suit each region, disseminate them, and improve on-site skills. By doing so, we are making daily efforts to encourage our customers to recommend everyone around us.

To higher quality services by sharing skills and information

A scene from a crew service workshop

We hold seminars for business partners in order to provide high-quality services in cooperation with business partners. Conducted liaison meetings for executives targeted at management for bus companies and crew service seminars targeted at bus crew members (guide drivers). We will share information and know-how to improve the quality of our services and strive to increase customer confidence and satisfaction with chartered buses.