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Human Rights

Human Rights

As an industry leader and upstanding corporate citizen, we seek to align our organizational conduct with internationally recognized standards, adhering to a clear set of guidelines aimed at ensuring equity, inclusion and integrity in our labor and employment practices.

JTB Sustainability Initiatives

Creating a Sustainable Organization through an Appreciation of Other Points of View

JTB Diversity Week 2021... Online!

Since 2018, JTB Diversity Week has served as a valuable in-house forum for promoting an open dialogue about workplace diversity and inclusion within the JTB Group. The event is open to all Japan-based colleagues and is gradually being rolled out to a growing percentage of our overseas workforce.
In 2021, JTB Diversity Week focused on the power of digital technology to promote diversity by bringing people and employment opportunities together. Fittingly held in a fully online format, JTB Diversity Week 2021 offered a broad menu of sessions including presentations by senior management, a 'Disabilities Mixer' for JTB Group employees with disabilities, a 'Caregivers Workshop' offering practical tips for employees who find themselves in caregiving roles, 'Nadeshiko Forum', a panel discussion about workplace challenges faced by female colleagues, and an 'SDGs Workshop', providing colleagues a glimpse into current and future SDGs initiatives across the JTB Group.