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Maximizing Employee Engagement

Employees are more motivated and productive when they understand and resonate with the goals and values of their organization. The JTB Group's Employee Value Proposition (EVP) solutions are designed to help employers increase workforce alignment and engagement through the articulation of clearly defined organizational objectives and values, robust internal communication, and team-building.
Using surveys, consulting and other proprietary tools, JTB's EVP solutions help employers communicate their vision more effectively to employees and develop policies and practices aimed at aligning and energizing their workforce.

Key Initiatives

Maximizing Employee Engagement JTB-EVP uses a See-Think-Plan-Do (STPD) cycle to help organizations maximize the potential of their workforce. EVP initiatives can also be featured in IR reporting and other external communications to support employer branding efforts.

The STPD Cycle

The STPD Cycle

JTB-EVP helps organizations to understand the gap between where they are and where they want to be ('As Is' vs. 'To Be'), flesh out the factors contributing to this gap, and develop optimized solutions aimed at maximizing organizational alignment.



WILL CANVAS is a cloud-based service that harnesses the JTB Group's proprietary work motivation theory. Backed by over three decades of research and implementation, this methodology enables organizations to move systematically through the process of building their EVP, identifying issues that contribute to internal divergence, and developing effective strategies for enhanced organizational cohesion.

Consulting & Planning
An effective organization needs a clear mission, vision and values. If an organization is to create a culture conducive to growth and success, there must be open communication - both vertically and horizontally - regarding what the organization stands for and why. The JTB Group provides comprehensive consulting and planning services to help organizations articulate their mission and vision and create a robust internal communication platform that optimizes organizational alignment and value.

EVP Tools & Solutions

・The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® Outdoor
This original corporate training module gives participants the opportunity to directly experience the essence of autonomy and teamwork in the context of the 'principles of success' detailed in the global bestseller "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®". This unique team-building exercise is designed to inspire participants to practice independent thinking and teamwork in the workplace.

・Internal Branding
We help businesses transform their organization's internal mindset and create improved business process alignment by integrating their mission, vision and values into the fabric of value delivery. By nurturing employee engagement and organizational cohesion, businesses cultivate a culture of respect and trust and lay a solid foundation for strategy implementation and enhanced brand value.

ESG-Inspired Business Travel Management Solutions

ESG-BTM Brings a New Dimension to Business Travel Management

In response to the business community's growing awareness for environmental, social and governance (ESG) accountability, JTB Business Travel Solutions*1 has unveiled an innovative sustainable business travel management solution called ESG-BTM.
JTB Business Travel Solutions has also entered into exciting ESG partnering agreements with Climate Neutral Group and blue dot green Inc. as part of its ongoing quest to pioneer sustainability solutions in the business travel market.

*1 A JTB Group company specializing in business travel management and travel expense reconciliation solutions