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Helping Communities and Businesses Shine

Supporting the Sustainability Efforts of Like-Minded Partners and Communities

In alignment with SDG 9 ("Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation"), the JTB Group is expanding its support for sustainability initiatives advanced by likeminded partners and communities.

Supporting the Sustainability Journey of our Partners

The JTB Group strives to expand its sustainability 'reach' by supporting the sustainability journey of its business partners.

Specific Initiatives: Using Our Web Presence to Support Partner Initiatives
The JTB Group uses its extensive online presence to promote the sustainability efforts of its business partners.

Helping our Partners Enhance Productivity & Efficiency

By helping like-minded partners improve productivity and operating efficiencies, the JTB Group widens the circle of sustainability engagement across its value chain.

Specific Initiatives : 〈 Solutions that Enhance Efficiency 〉 JTB Data Connect HUB
JTB Data Connect HUB is a proprietary JTB system that integrates the property management system* of accommodations providers with a powerful suite of digital tools including smart check-in/check-out, revenue management, and payment automation.
Through the use of JTB Data Connect HUB, our partners in the lodging industry are reducing paper consumption, minimizing waste, simplifying operational processes, optimizing workloads, and enhancing workforce wellbeing and work-life balance.

* Property Management System: A multipurpose front-office system used by hotels and other accommodations providers to manage operations, reservations, room rates, room inventory and revenue, etc.

Supporting Destination Digitalization

The JTB Group is committed to supporting the digital transformation of destinations through leading-edge solutions that create and enhance value.

KPIs & Targets

KPIs FY2023 FY2025 FY2028
Kotozna In-room Deployment 70,000 guestrooms 120,000 guestrooms 180,000 guestrooms

Specific Initiatives 1: 〈 DX Support for Partners in the Lodging Industry 〉 Kotozna In-room


Kotozna In-room is a powerful digital solution for hotels and other lodging providers. With a simple QR code scan, the Kotozna system allows guests to use their smartphones to access information about their hotel and its amenities. Kotozna's machine translation functionality also helps reduce the stress of communicating across the language barrier.
Using Kotozna, hotel guests can explore what their hotel offers, learn about rental items, and even order room service. They can also check to see when pools, restaurants and other amenities are least crowded, helping to smooth out operational peaks across the hotel.

Specific Initiatives 2: <Solutions that Connect Businesses, Visitors and Communities> Taxi Rideshare
NearMe, Inc.'s innovative rideshare services use proprietary AI to optimize matching and routing. Airport Smart Shuttles® are attracting particular attention as a potential means for addressing transportation gaps.
Under a promising new tie-up, JTB is incorporating NearMe's unique algorithms into the transportation support functionality of Tourism Platform Gateway® - JTB's leading-edge destination digitalization platform. Through this alliance, JTB is helping to reduce CO2 emissions by enhancing the efficiency of taxi service and providing seamless intermodal connectivity in underserved destinations.

Area Development Solutions

The JTB Group's Area Solutions business plays a key role in fulfilling our organization's vision of bringing people, places, and possibilities together. The JTB approach involves creating new possibilities and visitor streams by organizing the visitor experience into an integrated 'ecosystem' and developing and investing in content that delivers new value.

Specific Initiatives 1: <Travel Experiences that Make a Difference> Yanbaru Zipline
Nestled amidst the lush, subtropical Yanbaru Forest in northern Okinawa, this JTB-operated zipline offers riders an unforgettable aerial stroll through the thriving aliveness of nature. Commentary on rare vegetation by forest guides promotes visitor awareness of biodiversity.

Specific Initiatives 2: <Supporting Conservation Efforts>Fukukitaru
Through sales of fukugi (Happiness Tree) saplings, JTB supports this grass-roots initiative aimed at preserving the beauty of the seaside district of Motobu, Okinawa.

Destination Development and Management Support

JTB supports sustainable destination development and management through comprehensive area revitalization solutions that synergistically integrate our Group-wide capabilities.

KPIs & Targets

KPIs FY2023 FY2025 FY2028
Contracts to design ecofriendly shops and offices 10 15 20

Specific Initiatives 1: < Spatial Solutions> Eco-friendly Office Spaces
As part of the JTB Group's efforts to achieve its vision and mission sustainably, JTB Asset Management provides corporate clients with SDGs-aligned office designs as well as operational support. Clients can choose from a total of 4 different designs, including the Econatural Office, which uses environmentally friendly building materials and furnishings, and the Free Office, which provides the freedom and flexibility of hot-desking.

Specific Initiatives 2: <Harnessing the Power of Hometown Tax Donations> Hometown Tax Donation Programs
Through contracts with municipal governments, the JTB Group provides a variety of tailored services aimed at promoting local economic development including the administration of the Hometown Tax Donation portals and related rewards programs. Under partnering agreements with municipalities such as Osaki in Kagoshima Prefecture and Minamiuonuma in Niigata Prefecture, JTB also delivers customized solutions that integrate the Hometown Tax Donation program with local tourism development. These initiatives include the promotion of local ingredients/cuisine at Rurubu Kitchen and other JTB venues, assistance with the modernization of tourism resources, development of new distribution channels for local products, and the formulation of solutions that use Hometown Tax Donations to revitalize the local community and promote sustainability.
Through innovative partnering arrangements like these, the JTB Group continues to leverage its capabilities as a travel industry leader to support area and community revitalization efforts across Japan.

Sustainability Solutions for Corporate Clients

As part of its mission to bring people, places, and possibilities together, the JTB Group is continuously expanding its lineup of sustainable travel and event solutions for corporate clients. Our growing range of customizable services help businesses track and reduce their carbon footprint.

Sustainable MICE*

The JTB Group's sustainable MICE options help businesses and organizations meet their CO2 emission reduction goals.


KPIs FY2022 Actual
No. of Events Facilities Under Contract
CO2 Zero MICE® Events 121 113
KPIs FY2023 FY2025 FY2028
Content development projects aimed at promoting the preservation of local history/culture and the environment 2 5 10

Specific Initiatives 1: 〈 Carbon Neutrality 〉 CO2 Zero MICE®


Through the Green Power Certification System, JTB Communication Design offers businesses and organizations the ability to host eco-friendly meetings and events by powering their venues with renewable energy sources. Sales of MICE packages, which include environmental valuation, Green Power Certificates, calculation of energy consumption, and post-event review, exhibited 30% year-over-year growth in FY2023.

Specific Initiatives 2: 〈 Supporting Destination Sustainability 〉 Incentive Travel for Franchise Owners
The JTB Group believes that supporting sustainable destination development begins with the destination selection process. As part of our efforts to lead the industry's journey towards greater sustainability, we are featuring Copenhagen* as a destination in our incentive travel packages.

* Copenhagen has declared its intention to become the world's first carbon neutral capital by 2025.
* MICE = Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions

Helping Client Companies Travel More Sustainably

In response to growing demand from the client companies, the JTB Group is expanding its lineup of sustainable business travel solutions.

KPIs & Targets

KPIs FY2023 FY2024 FY2025
No. of Business Trips (overseas and domestic) tracked and reported for client companies on CO2 emissions 70,000 100,000 150,000

Specific Initiatives 1: 〈 ESG-Minded Business Travel 〉 ESG-BTM
To help client companies travel more sustainably, JTB Business Travel Solutions, Inc (JTB-CWT) offers Business Travel Management (BTM) services with ESG-friendly options.
E (= Environment): Satisfy client needs for CO2 emissions tracking and reporting as well as carbon offsetting.
S (=Social): Support the introduction of digital transformation (DX) solutions that enhance the efficiency of business travel processes and workcation programs that encourage creativity at work.
G (=Governance): Support the development of procurement guidelines regarding business travel that specifically identify what kind of products/services should be selected and purchased.

Specific Initiatives 2: Sustainable Business Travel


JTB Business Travel supports the sustainability efforts of corporate clients through a number of innovative services including: (1) booking tools that compare the CO2 footprint of travel itineraries and highlight the most eco-friendly options, (2) tracking and reporting of travel-related CO2 emissions (air/rail/car/hotels), and (3) progress monitoring of emissions reductions targets and acquisition of carbon offsets.

New Ideas and Solutions

The JTB Group is constantly working to develop new business solutions that bring people, places, and possibilities... sustainably.

Specific Initiatives 1: 〈 Bringing Businesses and Communities Together 〉 GLOCAL Sustainability Project
This hands-on initiative brings together businesses and communities to promote sustainability awareness and engagement. Up-and-coming leaders from JTB and partner organizations form a Field Sustainability Team that meets on-site with local experts to explore socioeconomic and environmental challenges and solutions.