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Description of Initiatives Vol.03


Career Development SupportRobust support for self-directed employee career development


At the JTB Group, we believe that encouraging our people to define their own career vision is the best way to support ongoing individual and organizational success. Since 2018, the JTB Group has formally identified career development as a key component of its business transformation strategy. We have rolled out a variety of career training and counseling programs designed to help our people define and achieve career goals throughout the different stages of their working lives. These efforts earned JTB the Good Career Company Grand Prize in 2020.

All JTB Group employees, whether full-time or part-time, are eligible to participate in our in-house career counseling service. This unique program allows employees to receive one-to-one career guidance from nationally certified in-house career coaches. As the coaches themselves are also JTB Group employees, they are equipped with the knowledge to provide grounded advice regarding the career paths and opportunities available across the Group. Nearly 200 employees across the Group participated in this program in FY2023.

E-learning modules available through the JTB Group's video library also provide employees with information and tools to support career development. In addition, we also offer career development training tailored to the needs of employees at different stages of their professional careers. These training programs enable our people to continually explore and refine their professional objectives and career trajectories.

The JTB Group will continue to roll out new career self-development supports. We firmly believe that helping our people define and implement their own career vision is the best way to support their long-term professional growth and satisfaction.