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Linkage among companies, local governments, and schools is the key to innovation creation.

We at JTB have cultivated a network with our corporate clients, "companies," " local governments," and "schools," by connecting people to people, people to places, and people to things through our many solutions. Due to the borderless and accelerating social and environmental changes, the challenges faced by "companies, local governments, and schools" are becoming increasingly diverse. In order to survive in the coming era, "companies, local governments, and schools" must work together to bring about change. By connecting "companies, local governments, and schools," we will be close to solving their respective issues and contribute to the creation of new value that is created by connecting them.

Company x Region" STORY

onnecting and linking companies and communities
SDGs Connect Companies and Communities
Nowadays, SDGs measures are indispensable for corporate activities and regional revitalization.
JTB is connecting companies that are highly aware of the SDGs with local communities that are making efforts in SDG activities to offer programs that provide learning opportunities for both parties. Through online workshops and site visits, projects are conducted to develop new businesses that contribute to solving social issues and to promote co-creation among companies. We have created a new relationship between companies seeking to solve environmental and social problems of the 21st century and local governments that are taking on the challenge of creating a decarbonized society by connecting renewable energy, EVs, and urban development.

Acting as a bridge between the company and the communityIn regions where local issues such as population decline and aging are multi-layered, collaboration with companies that have the ability to execute will be a major force in solving these issues. In addition, as interest in the SDGs spreads, many companies are looking for ways to help society and the community. Our role is to serve as a bridge between communities that want to connect with companies and companies that want to contribute to the community. We operate a portal site related to the "corporate version of Furusato tax payment," which allows corporations to deduct corporate-related taxes when they donate to local governments' local development projects, thereby supporting corporate social contributions and local development in the region.

Community x School" STORY

Connecting and linking communities and schools
High school students work on a promotional video for a local government as an exploratory activity.
We leverage our connections with communities and schools to help resolve issues on both sides as well. A local government's workcation promotion project asked a high school in the prefecture, which has a "Regional Creation Course" and is actively engaged in regional exploration activities, to produce a workcation PR video. As part of their exploration activities, the students planned, wrote, directed, performed, filmed, and composed the music, and the quality of their work was highly praised by the local government officials. This is an example of how the local government, as well as the school and students, were able to contribute to the community through learning, while at the same time making local issues their own.

Linking with local communities to create school trip plans that meet their needsIn order to meet the needs of schools that "want to implement school trips based on educational goals and policies, JTB branches located in 47 prefectures throughout Japan work together to match schools with destination regions. We fulfilled the needs of schools by proposing unique plans that not only provided information unique to the area, but also leveraged our connections with business partners that operate attractive content, such as the Glocal Plan, which allows students to experience local life with themes of "living in harmony with nature" and "interacting with local people," and inquiry-based learning and SDGs learning in which teachers and students take the initiative.

School x Company" STORY

Connecting and linking schools and companies
Jointly developed an inquiry class program for the younger generation
We leverage our program development know-how and network of schools cultivated through our education business to develop inquiry-based learning programs that leverage corporate resources. As part of its anniversary project, the company and a company jointly developed an exploratory class program for junior high and high school students in line with the company's desire to deliver its corporate values to the younger generation. In developing the program, we conducted trial classes and received feedback from teachers and students to brush up the program. We were able to provide a place of learning open to society.

Increase employee engagement through event participationA company that claims to be an "environmentally advanced company" participated in an event we sponsored in which schools and companies collaborated to explore the theme of the SDGs with the aim of "making the company a company that employees and their families can be proud of. Employees from the company's General Affairs Department and Human Resource Development Department teamed up with students from high schools and universities to engage in serious discussions about "the future we want to have by 2030. For the employees who participated, this was a valuable opportunity to increase their engagement, and this case study has inspired them to consider more opportunities to participate in community and social contribution activities than ever before.

Company x local governments x School" STORY

Connecting and linking companies, local governments , and schools
Companies develop programs for schools in partnership with the community.
Companies with offices throughout Japan held local development projects with local residents and universities to rediscover and communicate local attractions in order to strengthen their ties with and contributions to the local community. The information dissemination methods for tourists, experiential learning programs for school excursion students, and inquiry learning programs for local junior high and high school students developed through the development of the project have led to the promotion and revitalization of local communities in each region. This activity contributed to the local community and educational field as a company, and also contributed to the company's branding.

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