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Business partner that provides one-stop accompaniment to solve organizational issues

Travel" is just one part of the business that we at JTB are involved in. We provide flexible and diverse solutions for corporate clients such as "companies," "municipalities," and "schools" to solve their individual issues by leveraging our experience and know-how accumulated since our establishment. One-stop support for the PDCA process, including the planning stage, product and service proposals, implementation, effectiveness verification and improvement measures. Our professional and highly hospitable employees accompany our clients as business partners in pursuit of the goals they wish to reach.

Corporate sales and marketing strategy

Visualize Effectiveness with Business Event ManagementJTB offers an event management support system to visualize the communication value created by internal and external events. Identified issues and developed strategies based on historical data for marketing events for agencies by companies that conduct numerous trainings, seminars, and events of all sizes throughout the year. In order to achieve the objectives of the event, we will be with you from the planning proposal to the verification, and will also visualize the effects of the event. In addition to the effects of strengthening relationships and fostering engagement, the introduction and operation of the management system also led to cost optimization and operational efficiency, contributing to the high quality of the event and the improvement of service levels.

Corporate Organization and Human Resources Strategy

Reforming internal culture through effective feedbackSurvey Feedback" is one of the most effective ways to solve organizational problems. The survey of companies revealed issues such as low employee motivation and lack of penetration of inner branding measures. As a result of feedback between management and employees on the issues, the management philosophy was renewed and the company culture was significantly reformed. Many employees attended the 50th anniversary party that followed. We provided total support from surveying to event implementation. The program contributed to the formation of a strong organization and increased employee engagement.

Measures to bring the company and its employees closer together to "the way we want to bePeople's "sense of value" has changed due to the drastic changes in the social environment, and the value of "work" has also diversified. The concept of "Employee Value Proposition (EVP)," which asks whether a company provides value to its employees and whether employees also feel the value of working for the company, has been attracting attention. We conducted a data-driven awareness survey for a company with a heavy internal atmosphere and lackluster employees. After visualizing employee motivation, we implemented specific action plans to bring both the company and employees closer to the "ideal state," leading to organizational reform.

School Curriculum Management

Providing learning opportunities open to society by leveraging our networkSchool events such as school trips where students learn by experiencing the real thing and career education where students have the opportunity to discover their own way of life are "learning opportunities open to society. We design total school events that are in line with the education and student image the school is trying to achieve. When a private high school with an integrated middle and high school system establishes a new department, we propose a unique curriculum utilizing JTB's diverse network. The program includes hands-on programs in collaboration with local tourism associations and online classes with nearby university students and students from overseas. The program helped foster independence and the ability to think independently.

Local Government: Regional Management

Sustainable community development achieved through joint development with local peopleWe also provide support for the realization of sustainable community development by leveraging our 100-plus years of expertise in the travel industry. In order to promote tourism in the region, which is crowded with skiers in winter but extremely few tourists in summer, we propose this as a "starry sky night tour," an entertainment-type tour plan to enjoy the beautiful starry sky. We developed and implemented a summer-only experience program utilizing gondolas and other facilities that were not in use during the development summer in collaboration with local people in the tourism industry, the restaurant industry, NPOs, and other sectors. As a result, the company succeeded in establishing a local brand, leading to an increase in tourists and revitalization of the region, and becoming a model for sustainable regional development.

Support for local communities from strategic planning to commercialization and salesOne of our specialties is to uncover new tourism materials and link them to regional revitalization. Conducted marketing research necessary for strategic planning in order to attract visitors to areas that have not been well-spotted among popular tourist destinations. Through workshops attended by regional DMOs, local residents and businesses, tourism strategies were developed, and the strategy-based land-locked programs were commercialized and marketed. The region's proactive development of a tourism strategy has helped all parties involved to share a common understanding of what they are aiming for, and has provided the impetus for the next actions to be taken.

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