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Guidelines for Protection of Private Information by JTB Corp.

The JTB Group's corporate philosophy is to "contribute to harmony and understanding throughout the global society through the creation of multicultural human exchange" based on 'The JTB Way', the quintessence of our brand.

Our Group-wide vision statement is "Pioneering ways to bring people, places and possibilities together in a New Era; Our aim is to pioneer new ways to connect people, smiles and possibilities across the globe by remaining aligned with evolving market needs and values and combining digital prowess with the warmth of a human touch." We consider the safeguarding of personal information and compliance with applicable privacy laws as essential to the achievement of our philosophy and vision. To this end, we have developed the following policies and procedures:

  1. We shall create a system and procedures for handling and managing personal information that conform to the standards set forth under JIS Q 15001. All officers and employees of JTB Corp. shall be required to comply with said system and procedures.
  2. We shall collect, use, furnish and otherwise handle personal information in accordance with the systems and procedures referenced above. This means that we shall collect personal information through lawful and proper means and shall limit the use, furnishing and handling of personal information to the scope of its intended purpose. Should the need arise to handle personal information in a manner that goes beyond the scope of its specified intended use, we shall do so only after obtaining authorization from our Privacy Officer, furnishing notice to the affected individual regarding the contemplated use of said information, and obtaining the consent of said individual. We shall not utilize personal information for non-intended purposes and shall establish mechanisms to safeguard against such non-intended use. We shall only use and furnish 'Specific Personal Information' for its intended purposes as defined under the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures.
  3. We shall implement organizationally and technologically reasonable measures to prevent and remedy the risks associated with the unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and breach of personal information handled by JTB Corp.
  4. We shall observe applicable laws, regulations, guidelines, social norms and public order relevant to the safeguarding of personal information and the appropriate disposition of Specific Personal Information.
  5. Our Customer Hotline has been designated to respond to questions and complaints regarding the manner in which we handle personal information as well as to respond to related requests (for disclosure of personal information, etc.). The contact information for our Customer Hotline shall be made available both within and outside the company. We shall respond promptly and in good faith to all requests received from individuals regarding their own personal information.
  6. We shall implement improvements to our personal information management systems and procedures on an ongoing basis by conducting periodic reviews and audits.
  7. The provisions set forth in this policy shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

Implemented: January 1, 2004
Amended: December 1, 2020
Eijiro Yamakita
President and CEO, JTB Corp.

For Inquiries concerning this Policy, please contact our Customer Hotline at:JTB Corp.
2-3-11 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Information current as of December 1, 2020