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JTB Sustainability Report 2022

Inaugural Publication Seeks to Advance the Group's Sustainability Journey through Stakeholder Dialogue

 The JTB Group announces the release of its inaugural English-language 'JTB Sustainability Report 2022' (the 'Report') outlining the Group's sustainability posture as well as specific Environmental/Social/Governance (ESG) initiatives across all of its business domains. In addition to demonstrating JTB's commitment to sustainability reporting and transparency, this publication provides an opportunity to obtain objective feedback from stakeholders to maximize alignment between JTB's sustainability/ESG practices and the needs of society and the planet.


To view the JTB Sustainability Report 2022,

visit: https://www.jtbcorp.jp/jp/sustainability/pdf/report_2022_en.pdf

■ Overview of JTB Sustainability Report 2022

 Compiled in accordance with guidance furnished by the GRI Standards and the Environmental Reporting Guidelines of Japan's Ministry of the Environment (2018), the Report outlines the JTB Group's sustainability priorities1 and key ESG initiatives with a primary focus on FY2021 domestic efforts. The Report also provides supplemental information regarding ongoing as well as anticipated ESG initiatives in Japan and around the world.

■ Report Highlights:

・Sustainability messages from JTB Corp.'s President & CEO and Sustainability Officer

Detailed disclosure regarding JTB Group sustainability policy, priorities and practices

Overview of key sustainability/ESG initiatives: NIKKO MaaS, SDGs Virtual Camp, ESG-BTM2, etc.

Governance framework

Data highlights

■ Sustainability Videos

 The following 'JTB Sustainability' videos provide a conceptual overview of the JTB Group's sustainability vision:

English: https://youtu.be/Bin8uiB4-5c

Japanese: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxI7J7abO-0

 In alignment with its mission, vision and values, the JTB Group is committed to the development of a more peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world through the delivery of excitement, wonder, results and real value to a global customer base.

  1. Based on a comprehensive materiality assessment, the JTB Group has identified the following three sustainability priorities: 'Enriching the Human Experience', 'Nurturing our Surroundings', and 'Engaged Partnership'. For an overview of the JTB Group's sustainability strategy, please see January 25, 2022 News Release entitled 'Tackling Sustainability Head-On: JTB Group Ramps Up Efforts to Reduce Environmental Impact'. (https://www.jtbcorp.jp/en/newsroom/2022/01/tackling-sustainability-head-onjtb-group-ramps-up-efforts-to-reduce-environmental-footprint.html)
  2. An original business travel management (BTM) solution offered by JTB Business Travel Solutions that integrates business travel process optimization with robust ESG functionality.

■ Additional Information

 For additional detail regarding sustainability at the JTB Group,

 please visit:https://www.jtbcorp.jp/en/sustainability/



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Today's JTB traces its roots back to Japan Tourist Bureau, an agency formed in 1912 for the purpose of servicing the ticketing needs of foreign tourists in Japan. Over a century of history, JTB steadily evolved into a travel and tourism industry leader. Through vision, integrity, innovation, and unsurpassed know-how, the JTB Group consistently creates unparalleled value for its stakeholders.

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