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Delivering safe drinking water to 2,000 people
JTB Support sustainable water supply projects in the Philippines

Tokyo, Japan., May 25, 2022 _- JTB supports the sustainable containerized pure water production and water supply project undertaken by MIYABIHOUSE Corporation in Tagum City, Mindanao in the southern Philippines, and started to deliver safe drinking water to local residents from May 2022.


A video showing the process from container installation to the start of water supply:

In the achievement of its Group mission of 'bringing people, places and possibilities together', JTB has formulated a set of Sustainability Strategies with three materiality-guided sustainable priorities, which includes "Nurturing our Surroundings". As well as strengthening the positive impact of the 'creation of opportunities for meaningful human interaction' at the heart of the company's business domain, we are also taking on the challenge of reducing negative impact. Negative impact includes various issues such as 'climate change', 'water resources', 'waste', 'biodiversity' and 'human rights', and this is one of our initiatives on 'water resources'.

Currently, 1.8 million children worldwide are losing their lives every year from diseases caused by unsanitary water. While our approach to water resources requires reducing wasteful use, it also means providing safe water to those who need it, which in turn helps to enrich the lives of the people in the area. It contributes to the realization of "Enriching the Human Experience", which is also one of our three materiality-guided sustainable priorities.

This containerized pure water production and water supply system installed in the Philippines can purify water from well or tap through a filtration system and supply safe drinking water to approximately 2,000 people every day. Electricity is provided by solar panels in addition to regular electricity. Furthermore, to ensure that the water supply business stays sustainable, we create jobs in the region with services such as providing training services to local people to learn skills for the maintenance and operation of the system.

The JTB Group will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through efforts to reduce not only water resources but also various other environmental impacts such as 'climate change', 'biodiversity' and 'waste'.

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