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Net Zero Pledge:
JTB Seeks to Propel Sustainable Tourism by Achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2050

 Tokyo, Japan, May. 27, 2022 - As part of its ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, JTB Corp. has declared its intention to become carbon neutral by FY2050 through a phased-in reduction of the company’s greenhouse gas emissions. JTB intends to expand these efforts across its entire corporate group, allying with customers, business partners and communities around the world to weave sustainability into the very fabric of travel and tourism activity and create conditions conducive to the industry’s long-term viability.


 The JTB Group's Sustainability Policy, formulated in alignment with the organization's mission of 'fostering peace and global interconnectedness through the creation of opportunities for meaningful human interaction', serves as JTB's guiding compass on the journey towards greater environmental, cultural and socioeconomic sustainability across all business domains. As a vital first step towards safeguarding and preserving the planet’s limited resources, JTB has unveiled bold medium- and long-range targets for achieving net zero emissions.

Scope 1: Direct greenhouse gas emissions generated by company-owned and company-controlled resources (fossil fuel combustion, manufacturing processes) 

Scope 2: Indirect emissions associated with the purchase of electricity, steam, heat, and cooling 

Scope 3: All indirect emissions not included within the boundaries of Scopes 1 and 2 (emissions associated with all upstream and downstream activity in the value chain) 

Primary Sources of Emission and Key Reduction Measures

Scopes 1 & 2: Direct and indirect emissions associated with fuel and power consumption 

Approximately 90% of JTB Corp.’s FY2019 emissions were associated with electricity consumption at our business locations, JTB will reduce consumption of fossil fuel power by shifting to renewable energy and energy-saving equipment. 


Key Reduction Measures 

・Assess the energy efficiency of all equipment (lighting, HVAC, etc.) and minimize electricity consumption through operational optimization and migration to higher efficiency equipment 

・Switch to renewable energy 

・Progressive migration to energy-efficient office buildings, electric vehicles, etc. 


Scope 3: All other indirect upstream/downstream emissions in the value chain not included within Scopes 1 and 2 

In FY2019, approximately 80% of JTB’s Scope 3 emissions were associated with customer transportation (air, rail, bus, etc.) and roughly 20% with lodgings. JTB is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its value chain by engaging the business partners in these sectors, modifying the company’s procurement practices, re-designing service delivery, making operational enhancements, and offering customers an ever broader array of climate-responsible travel options. 


Key Reduction Measures 

JTB will focus its Scope 3 emission reduction efforts on value chain ‘hot spots’, namely transportation and accommodations. 

・Partner with transportation providers to promote the use of low-emission vehicles (buses, aircraft, etc.) and develop eco-friendly products and services. 

・Partner with accommodations partners to advance greenhouse gas reduction initiatives and reflect these initiatives in product/service offerings. 

・Engage customers by providing an expanded array of sustainability-oriented options and showcasing the sustainability efforts of local communities and tourism operators. 


The JTB Group’s Sustainability Strategy is rooted in three sustainability priorities: (1) Enriching the Human Experience, (2) Nurturing our Surroundings, and (3) Engaged Partnering. These priorities provide a materiality-guided focus that shapes JTB’s efforts to maximize the positive impacts of its business while minimizing the adverse impacts associated with tourism and travel activity.  


In addition to going paperless through the use of digital vouchers and e-contracts, the JTB Group has rolled out a number of leading-edge ‘sustainable solutions’ such as CO2 Zero Travel_1 and CO2 Zero MICETM. In June 2022, the JTB Group is poised to launch ESG-BTM2, a new business travel management (BTM) solution offering robust sustainability support for corporate clients.  


The JTB Group is firmly committed to global sustainability. By expanding our lineup of sustainable deliverables, strengthening our collaboration with business partners, communities and policymakers, and providing customers with greater opportunities to partner with us on the journey, JTB will continue to promote sustainability across the value chain and develop clean, climate friendly ways of fulfilling our organizational mission of bringing people, places and possibilities together. 




1  CO2 Zero Travel__ is a registered trademark of JTB Corp. 

2  ESG-BTM is a new business travel management service that supports sustainable corporate travel procurement through the tracking and reporting of CO2 emissions associated with business travel and the acquisition of carbon offset credits.  


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