Corporate Business

Exchange, culture, economics, health, education — the power of travel moves people, cargo and emotions alike in all of these fields.

The JTB Group’s global corporate business strives to become a business partner capable of leveraging the power of travel to explore together with corporate customers the various issues they are grappling with and provide them with consistently valuable solutions on a global scale.

As our times and the social environment continue to change, customers’ problems and needs grow more complex and diverse.

The JTB Group’s global business offers travel-related services in a broad range of business domains from the standpoint of a business partner to customers such as companies, educational institutions, government agencies and local governments, and other organizations. By organically linking the Group’s Global network and the power of travel to this business, we are able to help resolve customer’s problems and increase value.


To meet the increasing demand for Global MICE* services, the JTB Group offers a total package of services to accommodate company’s in-house events, industrial trade fairs, and international conferences. We leverage our global network of offices to provide a broad range of hospitality-rich services.

*MICE, the acronym for Meeting (meetings, training courses, seminars) , Incentive tours (incentive tours, all-expense-paid tours), Convention or Conference (conventions, academic conferences, international conferences), and Exhibitions, are company-targeted services provided for various business events.

BTM Business Travel Management

The BTM section totally coordinates all work involved in corporate business travel. BTM reduces costs and work that must be handled by a company, assisting in achieving their company-wide operational improvement.