Human resources development

Autonomous, creative employees: Human resources development with a focus on forging Group synergies
At the JTB Group, people are the driving force behind our corporate management, and we believe that increasing the value of our human resources contributes directly to the Group’s growth. In order to adapt to accelerating processes of social change such as globalization and the move to a borderless world while facilitating the Group’s growth by pinpointing underlying business opportunities, it has become increasingly important to develop the human resources that underpin these activities. As part of its effort to establish a multicultural communication business, the JTB Group is devoting all of its resources to the task of developing autonomous, creative employees who are capable of solving problems by thinking and acting from the customer’s perspective at all times.

Human resources development policy

  • 1.The JTB Group shall seek to inculcate the following habits based on a vision of the ideal employee as an individual who recognizes problems for oneself and takes the initiative to solve them (an autonomous, creative employee):
    • a.Providing the best possible products and services in good faith by adopting the customer’s perspective at all times
    • b.Fostering an identity as a member of the Group, working together with corporate partners from a more global perspective, and creating new value
    • c.Cultivating an awareness as a member of civic society while considering the impact of the Group’s operations on the environment and working to contribute to society
  • 2.The Group shall strive to strengthen its organization across the board by improving management skills and expertise and sharing objectives and information (know-how).
  • 3.The Group shall train new managers as the leaders who will drive future growth.

JTB University

JTB University, a general term for an educational system targeting all employees, symbolizes the JTB Group’s belief that employees are its greatest asset. In addition to helping individual employees develop their skills and plan the future directions of their careers, the University provides opportunities to develop a shared understanding of the Group’s management philosophy, vision, and strategy. It also seeks to foster a sense of belonging to the Group, heighten feelings of unity, and raise the value of the corporate brand.

This educational system is designed to provide a broad range of educational activities and maximize Group synergies through three components: a practical program that addresses each Group company’s business; a program that fosters the development of expertise in specialized areas such as regional exchange, global operations, and the Internet; and a program that trains managers for future service at Group companies.

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