Leisure Experience & Job Satisfaction

At the JTB Group, we recognize that there is an intimate connection between employee wellbeing and workforce productivity. We actively seek to enhance the leisure experience and job satisfaction of our colleagues.

At the JTB Group, we recognize that there is an intimate connection between employee wellbeing and workforce productivity. We actively seek to enhance the leisure experience and job satisfaction of our colleagues.

Enriching the Leisure Experience

For more than a century, the JTB Group has been bringing people, places and possibilities together in engaging and rewarding ways, delivering excitement and ‘real value’ at every stage of the customer journey. In everything we do, the safety and peace of mind of our customers are our top priorities.

Customer Safety and Peace of Mind

At JTB, the safety of our customers priority number one. Our comprehensive internal safety and risk management systems allow our customers to enjoy their travel experience with the utmost peace of mind. 
Our ‘Travel Safety Management’ program reflects our strong commitment to customer safety across every tier of our organization in every business domain and geographic market in which we operate.

Digital Prowess

The JTB Group goes beyond traditional brick-and-mortar outlets, call centers and website platforms. We harness the power and convenience of leading-edge digital technology to put the future of travel at our customer’s fingertips through online travel consulting, virtual tours, and much, much more.

Employee Experience & Engagement

As the pace of change in the business environment continues to accelerate, the challenges faced by our corporate clients are growing increasingly complex and diverse. The JTB Group helps corporate clients strengthen internal alignment and workforce engagement through cutting-edge solutions that combine innovative digital tools with the distinctive warmth of a human touch.

Promoting Employee Satisfaction

The JTB Group offers one-stop meeting and event support covering all delivery modalities including in-person, virtual and hybrid.
Our Employee Value Proposition (JTB-EVP) helps organizations maximize internal alignment, cohesion and productivity by identifying and addressing challenges faced by their personnel and business units.
Through ‘Workcation’ and other work-life balance solutions, the JTB Group helps businesses enhance their recruiting efforts and staff retention rates.

Workforce Wellbeing

The JTB Group understands that its ongoing success hinges upon the health and wellbeing of its workforce. We seek to cultivate an inviting and supportive workplace environment that is conducive to the physical and mental wellbeing of our people. The JTB Group’s Commitment to Workforce Wellbeing outlines the Group’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of our colleagues as a vital component of our long-term success and viability.

Workforce Wellbeing: Management Objectives

The JTB Group is deeply committed to the wellbeing and longevity of JTB colleagues and their loved ones. As society continues to gray, we believe that workforce wellness will be increasingly instrumental to organizational productivity and sustained business growth. We help to extend the healthy life expectancy and emotional wellbeing of our workforce through specific policies and programs designed to promote workforce wellness. By promoting the use of local healthcare resources, we simultaneously contribute to regional revitalization through expanded health care availability and the creation of new business opportunities.

Workforce Wellbeing Vision

At the JTB Group, we strive to cultivate a corporate culture that encourages employees to play an active role in maintaining their own health and wellbeing.

We encourage our colleagues to understand the importance of physical and mental wellness and to partner with family members and colleagues to make better lifestyle choices. By taking responsibility for their own health, our people are better able to achieve their professional and personal goals and lead happier, more fulfilled lives. A vibrant workplace filled with energy and positivity is fertile soil for business innovation and the creation of enhanced corporate value.

Workforce Wellbeing: The JTB Approach

Our commitment to workforce wellbeing starts at the top. The President & CEO of JTB Corp., as the Group’s ‘Chief Wellness Officer’, works with JTB Group companies, the JTB Workforce Wellbeing Task Force, health insurance providers and other stakeholders to support the implementation of a wide range of internal health and wellbeing initiatives. Using performance indicators such as wellness monitoring, workforce productivity and employee appetite for new challenges and growth, JTB Group companies work together to identify trends and develop solutions designed to promote greater employee wellness. Workforce wellbeing reports are also furnished to our Management Committee on a regular basis.

Priority Initiatives

Foster a workplace culture in which JTB Group colleagues are encouraged to play an active role in their own health and wellbeing
  • Use of digital tools to identify and monitor health challenges and personalized 1-to-1 supports to promote enhanced wellness
  • Workplace wellness events help raise awareness and cultivate wellbeing-mindedness in the workplace.
  • Health performance analysis tools are used to identify and address trends and risks associated with specific departments and workforce demographics.
  • In-house health/wellness training as well as guidance from healthcare professionals help prevent lifestyle diseases.

Cultivate a workplace environment that is conducive to the mental and emotional wellbeing of our colleagues
  • Promote appropriate HR intervention through disciplined monitoring of overtime, attendance, etc.
  • Use of ‘stress questionnaires’ to identify and address high-risk settings and workforce demographics.
  • Provide stress management training to help colleagues identify and manage stress and help supervisors identify early warning signs within their teams.

Cultivate a workplace culture that accommodates unique needs and circumstances
  • Promote diversity and self-directed workstyle choices in alignment with changes in the social environment

Commitment to Workforce Wellbeing

The following is an excerpt from a 2017 message from the President of JTB Corp. to all JTB employees.

Commitment to Workforce Wellbeing

If the JTB Group is to continue to evolve and generate new value over the next 100 years, it is essential that we create a corporate culture that supports the recruitment and retention of talented individuals from all walks of life. We must promote teamwork, inclusion, and supportive workplace communication and help every colleague to remain active and healthy for as long as possible. To this end, we must offer greater work-life balance options and give our people the tools they need to be more successful and productive. Through these efforts, we can create the time and ‘headspace’ which are essential for creativity and business innovation.

The ultimate goal of expanding work-life balance options is to help employees maximize their health and sense of wellbeing. Healthy colleagues drive our success and growth as an organization.

In order to ensure our sustained success and growth as an organization, the JTB Group needs to monitor, identify and address workforce health/wellness challenges as an integral component of its business strategy. To demonstrate our resolve, the JTB Group hereby publicly declares its Commitment to Workforce Wellbeing.

An organization with a healthy workforce and a healthy workplace environment is an organization that employees will seek to be a part of. It is also an organization that customers and stakeholders will want to be associated with. From this day forward, the JTB Group shall make a conscious and deliberate effort at every level of our organization to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of ourselves, our immediate team members and our colleagues at large.

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JTB Corporation

President and Representative Director

In 2021, the JTB Group was honored with the Japanese government’s ‘Excellence in Health and Productivity Management’ certification (White 500).
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