Learning & Human Resource Development

To help our colleagues continuously expand their horizons and achieve their highest potential, the JTB Group actively supports career-long learning and development.

To help our colleagues continuously expand their horizons and achieve their highest potential, the JTB Group actively supports career-long learning and development.


At the JTB Group, we believe that education provides the building blocks for a brighter future. Through a robust line-up of educational travel offerings and a variety of youth-focused educational programs, we help to instill in tomorrow’s leaders a greater sense of community-mindedness and sustainability engagement.

Sustainability Training

Through multimedia materials and hands-on learning programs, the JTB Group helps raise awareness of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their applicability in our personal and professional lives.

Youth Development

By engaging and inspiring today’s youth, the JTB Group helps shape the character and vision of tomorrow’s leaders… and a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow for us all.
One such initiative is Workplace Shinagawa, a program administered by the Future Co-Learning Organization to provide early vocational exposure to middle school students in Tokyo’s Shinagawa district.
In addition, the JTB Group works in collaboration with Yomiuri Television and Gakken Plus to support Uwabaki Cook Read Aloud, a program conducted under the auspices of Japan Overseas Educational Services to encourage Japanese children residing overseas to develop their Japanese-language skills.

Human Resource Development

At the JTB Group, we understand that our people are the driving force behind our organization’s longevity and success. We believe that an investment in our people is the single greatest investment we can make in our organization’s future. As there is no substitute for professional competencies, our HR development strategy is fully aligned with our overall business strategy. We encourage all of our colleagues to stay attuned and responsive to changes and emerging opportunities in the social and business landscape. We give our colleagues the tools and training they need to navigate uncertainty and the complications of globalization in order to ensure the long-term viability of the JTB Group. We embrace diversity and strive to cultivate an inclusive workplace culture that gives every colleague opportunity for self-expression, self-improvement, and career advancement. We continue to create new stakeholder value by drawing on the strengths and synergies of a diverse workforce.

Our Approach to HR Development

  • 1.At the JTB Group, we believe that the development of our people is indispensable to the ongoing evolution and success of our business. We strive to create a workplace culture that encourages employees to broaden their horizons, deepen their expertise and to approach their work with autonomy and creativity. We respect the individuality and diversity of our colleagues and are committed to providing them with career-long opportunities for professional development and advancement.
  • 2.We believe it is the responsibility of the management of the JTB Group to provide employees with the supports and incentives - both tangible and intangible - required to encourage independent thinking, creativity, risk-taking and ongoing professional development.

Autonomy and Creativity

At the JTB Group, we encourage our colleagues to think independently and creatively, to strive for quality outcomes, and to engage in career-long learning and skill development.
The JTB Group views colleague autonomy and creativity as the motor that drives new value. We strive to maintain an organizational culture that enables all colleagues to harness their unique abilities and interests and achieve their highest potential. We encourage our colleagues to act in alignment with the JTB Group’s mission, vision, brand promise and values and to stand in the shoes of the customer at every stage of the customer journey.

JTB University

The JTB Group’s staff education and training efforts are supported by a robust human resource development platform known as JTB University. Tasked with cultivating professionals capable of contributing to the advancement of the travel and tourism industry, JTB University offers an extensive curriculum of professional development courses and programs ranging from job-specific courses and skill acquisition to management development programs and internships. These programs enable JTB Group colleagues of all backgrounds to expand their knowledge, skills and horizons at every stage of their careers. In addition to its Japan-based platform, JTB University also operates a Singapore ‘campus’ with a primary focus on developing tomorrow’s leaders in international travel and tourism.
The offerings of JTB University support the JTB Group’s organizational mission by fostering the development of highly-skilled, independent-thinking, solution-oriented colleagues who bring passion, purpose and a personal touch to their professional pursuits.

Types of programs available through JTB University.

  • 1.  Group Fundamentals:Courses aimed at deepening our colleagues’ understanding of their respective roles in realizing the mission of our organization.
  • 2.  Managerial Development:Programs aimed at cultivating managerial talent at every tier of the organization.
  • 3.  Business Skills:Programs designed to help colleagues acquire practical job knowledge and skills, ranging from business fundamentals to specialized expertise.
  • 4.  Business Development:Programs designed to help colleagues acquire the knowledge, skills and perspective required to generate new value through business development.
  • 5.  Career Planning:Programs that support colleagues in their efforts to take charge of their career trajectories and harness their unique abilities and talents to achieve their highest professional potential.
  • 6.  Discipline-Specific Instruction:Programs aimed at helping colleagues acquire specialized expertise in such key disciplines as information technology, law, finance and business development.
JTB University programs are delivered across a variety of training modalities ranging from group instruction and e-learning to correspondence courses and internships. In support of the JTB Group’s ongoing quest to maximize synergies and generate greater corporate value, JTB University plays a key role in cultivating internal alignment (One JTB) through programs designed to deepen our colleagues understanding of the Group's mission, vision, brand promise, and values.