We are committed to diversity, inclusivity and the elimination of workplace barriers - both visible and invisible - in order to ensure that nobody is denied the opportunity to fulfill their highest potential.

We are committed to diversity, inclusivity and the elimination of workplace barriers - both visible and invisible - in order to ensure that nobody is denied the opportunity to fulfill their highest potential.

Fostering Inclusivity

As a vigorous proponent of Accessible Tourism, the JTB Group is committed to promoting ‘Travel for All’ and to delivering peace of mind to all customers, regardless of age, disability, gender, etc.

Our low-entry trolleys deliver enhanced riding accessibility

The JTB Group is committed to providing comfort and peace of mind to all travelers irrespective of age, gender, disability, etc. The state-of-the-art, low-floor ‘HiBus’ trolleys operated by the JTB Group in Hawaii offer JTB tour participants unlimited riding privileges throughout their stay. With convenient stops at the most popular attractions, HiBus provides a convenient, comfortable and accessible way of getting around on the ground in the Aloha State.

JTB is the only operator in Japan offering Overseas Dialysis Package Tours and Dialysis Appointment Services at all of its branch offices nationwide.
JTB is a proud recipient of the 3rd Annual Japan Tourism Award (Business Category) (*1)

In addition to package tours that include dialysis treatment, JTB’s Medical Desk also partners with a leading global medical device manufacturer to assist in arranging dialysis appointments in more than 30 cities worldwide.
*1 Awarded at Tourism EXPO Japan, an event sponsored by Japan Travel and Tourism Association and Japan Association of Travel Agents, the Japan Tourism Awards recognize outstanding sustainability initiatives by organizations and businesses in Japan and around the world.

Accessible Literature

The JTB Group publishes a number of accessible brochures that use easy-to-read fonts and universal color design principles to enhance readability. At JTB, we strive to create accessible literature using user-friendly formatting, fonts and colors.

Guide Dogs for the Visually Challenged

Donations collected through Labrador Fundraising Boxes at JTB offices nationwide are used by the Japan Guide Dog Association to train and place guide dogs into service.

Diversity and the JTB Group

Amidst the accelerating pace of globalization and market diversification, the JTB Group strives to embrace different value systems and workstyles as part of a deliberate effort to promote diversity and inclusivity. We strive to foster an inclusive workplace culture in which colleagues with different backgrounds and value systems are able to function at their professional best.
As part of our commitment to workplace diversity, we conduct in-house awareness surveys to identify specific challenges faced by female employees and employees with disabilities. Survey results are used to develop new workstyle options and enhance workforce engagement and satisfaction. We also raise internal awareness about diversity and inclusivity through programs designed to recognize exemplary initiatives within the JTB Group.

Diversity as an Asset

Diversity Vision Statement:
We aim to foster medium- and long-term organizational growth and innovation by embracing diverse value systems and work styles.

Key Initiatives

[Workplace Enhancements]

  • 1.Remote Work Options (Work- from-home, Telesales, Workcation, etc.)
  • 2.HR Systems (flexible shifts, work from anywhere, etc.)

[Business Process Reengineering]

  • 1.Development of SOPs
  • 2.Digitalization (Robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, e-contracts, etc.)

[Career Advancement for Female Colleagues]

[Caregiving Responsibilities]

  • Dissemination of information regarding supports available to help our colleagues balance work and caregiving responsibilities

[Colleagues with Disabilities]

  • Disabilities Summit

[Sexual Minorities]

  • Workshops to Promote Awareness of Sexual Diversity

Recognition Programs

[Internal Initiatives]

  • 1.ALL JTB Awards
  • 2.Showcase outstanding internal initiatives through the JTB Group’s In-house Newsletter, corporate intranet, etc.
  • 3.Employee Awareness Surveys
  • 4.Diversity Week

[Diversity Leadership]

  • JTB honored among Diversity Management Selection 100

JTB was among the companies recognized by the Japanese government in 2014 with ‘Diversity Management Selection 100’ honors for outstanding leadership in diversity management.

Each company in the JTB Group develops diversity policies tailored to the unique needs and conditions of its operating environment.
JTB’s proprietary ‘Diversity Index’ (Diversity KPIs) has drawn widespread praise as an effective tool for advancing diversity across the JTB Group.

diversity100 2015

In alignment with its mission, vision and values, the JTB Group is committed to workforce diversity as an engine for fueling employee satisfaction and ongoing organizational innovation and growth.

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