A commitment to Customers smiles

The JTB Group pursues customer satisfaction.
We will meet our customers' diverse demands and provide value that exceeds expectations.

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Realizing Safety and Security through Travel Safety Management

Safety is an essential factor in providing products that satisfy customers.
The JTB Group formulated "Travel Safety Management" to review and improve its efforts to ensure customer safety.
We have positioned ensuring travel safety as a top priority for our business operations. We are working together from top management to the workplace to strengthen our systematic safety management checking strategy, thereby creating a system for customers to enjoy their travel with peace of mind.

Overview of Travel Safety Management

"Travel Safety Management" is formulated based on the following "JTB Group Basic Policy on Travel Safety."

"JTB Group Travel Safety Policy"

1.The JTB Group recognizes that ensuring travel safety is a top priority for its business operations.

2.Officers and all employees shall comply with the Travel Safety Management Regulations and Travel Safety Management Guidelines.

3.Regularly evaluate the implementation status and effectiveness of the "Travel Safety Management Guidelines" and constantly review them.

The JTB Group has established the Travel Safety Committee, chaired by the Safety Management Officer appointed by the Representative Director (General Manager of the Tourism Business Division). Based on "Travel Safety Management," we carry out PDCA cycles to establish even more reliable safety and peace of mind. In addition, we have established a person in charge of crisis management within the Head Office to manage the Travel Safety Committee as the Secretariat. We also work closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Japan Tourism Agency, and other organizations on a daily basis to collect, analyze, and disseminate information on safety and health issues to Group companies, and to convene a response headquarters in the event of a major disaster or accident.

Promotion of Universal Tourism

The JTB Group promotes Universal Tourism, aim to become a travel agency that customers can use with peace of mind, regardless of age, gender, nationality, or disability, to realize the brand slogan "Perfect moments, always" beside customers' inspiration.

JTB's Universal Tourism initiative was first certified as the government's beyond2020 program in the travel sector. The beyond2020 program is an effort for the government to approve cultural activities and businesses that consider diversity and internationality, and to disseminate the attractiveness of Japanese culture's to Japan and abroad. Through Universal Tourism, JTB will convey the appeal of Japanese culture to all people.

Providing Comfortable Travel to All Customers with Low-Floor Bus

The JTB Group is making efforts to enjoy travel comfortably and with peace of mind, regardless of age, gender, or disability. HiBus, a new low-floor trolley with all-you-can-ride while staying, is operated for customers who use JTB tours in Hawaii. By connecting each sightseeing spot on the island through the route, we provide a safe, secure, and comfortable trip to many customers.

On a safe trip to elderly customers with a "relaxation of morale"

"As part of universal tourism, we have developed ""Yutori Kiko,"" a tour that focuses on the ""anxieties"" and ""concerns"" of customers who are elderly and have no confidence in their physical strength, and by eliminating these concerns, makes it easier to participate in a trip." We provide relaxed, slow "relaxing trips" that are easy for anyone who has previously hesitated to participate in a trip due to physical reasons or anxiety about one person's participation, thanks to ingenuity such as parcel delivery services and slack schedules.

JTB Overseas Dialysis Tour and Dialysis Reservation Services for the Industry's Only Nationwide Store Support
Awarded the 3rd Japan Tourism Award (Business Category Award) (*1)

In collaboration with global medical device manufacturers, we have established the Medical Desk, a JTB that allows hospitals to make reservations for dialysis treatments in more than 30 cities worldwide. In addition to the overseas dialysis tour, we also provide an overseas dialysis reservation service.
*1 At the Japan Tourism Awards, the Japan Tourism EXPO Japan (sponsored by the Japan Tourism Promotion Association and the JATA of the Japan Travel Industry Association) reviews and awards the sustainable and outstanding efforts of organizations, organizations, and companies in Japan and abroad.

Creating Customer-Friendly Brochures

Some of the JTB Group's pamphlets use universal design fonts, which are defined as fonts for easy-to-read characters, and color universal design, making color discrimination easier. We aim to create easy-to-see, easy-to-understand, and customer-friendly pamphlets.

Aiming for Further Evolution of Services

The JTB Group is promoting initiatives to improve quality by reflecting customer feedback on its products.
Our goal is to provide "inspiration" beyond "satisfaction." The JTB Group pursues customer satisfaction.

Basic philosophy and philosophy of CS

We are working to improve service levels by utilizing the voices of our customers as our services.

At Look JTB, the Overseas Purchasing Products Division, which is the planning and implementation department of a heartfelt journey, we have established the basic philosophy and philosophy of CS as follows: "We will create irreplaceable times and moments for our customers with the hearts of hospitality unique to this region, to express our gratitude and smile to our customers."