Endeavors towards the implementation of
universal design


  • (1)Promotion of barrier-free model outlets
    We promote the incorporation of barrier-free features into JTB Group travel outlets.
  • (2)Endeavors towards the development of universal design for the purpose of travel
    We are committed to developing universal design for the purpose of travel and aim to carry out corporate activities in line with that commitment.
    Specifically, we aim to develop a framework of universal design for the travel industry, such as a review of the standards that apply to the drafting of travel brochures that can be universally understood, recommendations for tour projects suited to the physical strength of clients, and the transmission of information and the undertaking of educational campaigns directed at affiliated organizations and industry groups to saturate the tourism industry with this framework as only the JTB Group is capable of doing.


In seeking to realize Tourism for All, the JTB Group strives to enable all of our clients to safely and comfortably enjoy their travels. In addition, we propose the following services, improve the travel products, and enhance the quality standards as they relate to the older population, clients with physical disabilities, and clients who otherwise require assistance to some degree. Most such activities for the promotion of normalization remain ongoing. By expanding the scope, we contribute towards the realization of a barrier-free society.

State of efforts for the normalization of travel

  • America by Wheelchair and Canada by Wheelchair were planned and introduced under the Look JTB brand of overseas package tours (first in the industry).
  • The Normalization Desk was established as a section devoted to promoting normalization on a company-wide basis.
  • The D Desk was established as an in-house consultation contact unit to deal with trips for clients with physical disabilities. The provision of consultations and advice commenced.
  • Commenced Overseas Travel With Your Seeing-Eye Dog involving trips to Europe (first in the industry for group tours).
  • Jointly hosted Voluntabi, a booth promoting travel options for older people and people with disabilities, at Tabi Fair 1995, an exhibition organized for the promotion of domestic travel.
  • People-friendly lodgings, which spotlights barrier-free accommodations, was included as a section in Shukuhaku Joho (Information on Lodgings), published by JTB Publishing Inc. (first in the industry).
  • Began gathering information on barrier-free domestic and overseas travel options and disseminating such information to clients.
  • Established Travel Net Inc., a travel agency for clients with disabilities (jointly financed by Zencolo, Mitsubishi Corporation, and JTB; first in the industry as a specialist travel agency).
  • Along with revising organized travel conditions in line with revisions made to travel industry stipulations, the D-Sheet, a specialized response sheet for use in organizing overseas travel, was formulated.
  • Seminars and training sessions were held in various locations in order to deepen understanding of normalization on the part of employees and enable them to contribute positively toward travel operations.
  • Information on barrier-free lodgings is provided through the lodgings product Select 3000 pamphlets and website (first in the industry).
  • Extended comprehensive cooperation at the Nagano Paralympics by assisting with the transportation of athletic teams, providing services for fans, and more.
  • Cooperated in formulating the JATA board of directors-authorized JATA (Japan Association of Travel Agents) Member Guidelines Pertaining to Travel for Persons with Disabilities and Elderly Persons.
  • Cooperated in editing the Heartful Tour Handbook, a JATA-issued handbook for dealing with organized overseas travel. Use of the JATA-formulated Heartful Sheet was made uniform throughout the company for the purpose of organized overseas travel.
  • Stipulated active engagement by the entire company in efforts to implement travel normalization in the JTB Code of Conduct.
  • Enhanced services for clients with wheelchairs at Look JTB, a program of overseas package tours (Hawaii, Guam; all departures from the capital region).
  • JTB's D-Desk and Travel Net Inc. merged to form JTB Travel Net Desk as a welfare-specializing facility.
  • Barrier-Free Plaza was launched via JTB's website and the transmission of information was commenced.
  • Along with becoming the exclusive ticket agency for the Sydney Paralympics, introduced tours to clients consisting of athletic teams and fans.
  • Proposed a hands-on study program called Developing a Welfare City as a school excursion option for junior high school and high school students.
  • JTB Travel Net Desk was renamed JTB Barrier-Free Plaza and engagements in welfare-related tours were promoted.
  • Introduced organized domestic and overseas barrier-free trips under the Soleil banner and lodging plans known as Barrier-Free Lodgings.
  • Set up an information provision screen for persons with hearing impairments on the Barrier-Free Plaza website.
  • Launched Barrier-Free Woods: An Eco Junior Program to mark the 90th anniversary of JTB.
  • Introduced a local helper-based onsen bathing option to organized Soleil trips.
  • Distributed the electronic pamphlet version of Soleil, which seeks to advertise travel options, via JTB's broadband news site.
  • Established the Support Care Support Desk, a travel-related consultation contact unit, within JTB Barrier-Free Plaza in order to allow clients to securely and comfortably take trips extending from the moment they depart from their homes until the moment they return.
  • Released the inaugural issue of Tabi Tabi Yume Tsushin, a comprehensive pamphlet on barrier-free travel.

Furthermore, additional assistance is provided for national sports tournaments for athletes with disabilities, national tournaments for people with hearing loss, trips for welfare facilities and installations, extracurricular events and school excursions for schools for students with disabilities, and trips for homes for senior citizens through nationwide JTB Group outlets.

In addition to activities undertaken through the organization of trips, we are also engaged in the following: efforts based on the theme of normalization in the context of clean-up campaigns, activities to allow elderly persons affected by the Great Hanshin Earthquake to enjoy the onsen experience, expanded employment of persons with disabilities through the JTB Data Service (a special subsidiary), operations of an in-house sign language club, and more.

Along with fulfilling our corporate responsibilities to society through normalization activities, we will continue to engage in efforts with the aim of providing services designed to satisfy all of our clients.

Social contribution and environmental protection