A Message from the President

"Third Establishment" Ushering in a New Age for JTB Toward Continuing Corporate Evolution in the Next 100 Years

JTB has its roots in the Japan Tourist Bureau, an agency established in 1912 some 100 years ago with the exclusive objective of attracting tourists from foreign countries and providing them with travel services. For a century since then, we have continued to evolve together with our customers. At its establishment, the bureau started out by selling tickets and issuing coupons to foreign tourists visiting Japan. As time passed, the bureau continued to evolve in what may be called the age of its second establishment with the creation and sale of overseas and domestic travel packages, operation of a corporate business handling travel arrangements and providing support for school excursions, corporate trips, and MICE (Meeting/Incentive/Convention&Conference/Exhibition/Event), and expansion of its global network.

With this history as a foundation, JTB is now engaged in the challenge of our "third establishment" to enable further prosperity and growth.

In January 2018, the Japanese trade name of the company was changed (the notation of JTB was changed from the Japanese katakana to the alphabet; however, the English name JTB Corp. remains the same ), the entire JTB Group will move forward to meet the challenge of our third establishment with a new business domain, the "Multicultural Exchange Creation Business," which will offer solutions unique to JTB (products, services, information, and systems) to create a panorama of multicultural exchanges on the global stage that inspire and evoke empathy.

JTB's products, services, and information are nothing more or less than solutions we provide with the intention of fulfilling the needs and travel-related tasks of our individual and organizational customers. Our intention moving forward is not simply to expand and improve multicultural exchanges in the format we have undertaken thus far, but also to take the initiative in "creating opportunities for exchanges." And more than anything else, we intend to persist in our strong commitment to create multicultural exchanges that result in inspiration and evoke empathy for our valued customers.

With the world as our stage, we promise to provide solutions that resolve not only the needs and tasks of individual and organizational customers, but also contribute to solving local, national, and social challenges. JTB will strive through its various businesses to contribute to Japan's aim to become a tourism-developed country and to the advancement of the tourist industry.

“Perfect moments, always.”

All 28,000 of the JTB Group’s employees have taken this brand slogan to heart. We are committed to continuing to draw closer to customers so that we can better excite and inspire them, and we are determined that customers will find us beside them when they are excited and fulfilled. To that end, we bring all of our energy and resources to bear on each and every moment of our interactions with customers.

We will continue to earn customers’ trust over the long term by adhering to fair business practices and creating unique, high-quality value.

I hope for your continued support and patronage in our endeavors.

Hiroyuki Takahashi
President and CEO, JTB Corp.