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A Message from the President

“Global Vision 2020” – Further developments as we head towards our next century

In order to realize long-term and stable growth in the future, the JTB Group has renewed its resolve to engage in reforms under its policy of establishing an overwhelming No.1 position in the Asian market.*1 This vision sets out the kind of company we aim to be in 2020, “Global Vision 2020.”
The JTB Group is active in the Multicultural Communication Business*2, a business domain that centers on creating and encouraging human exchange and interaction. By refining the distinctive appeal of local communities in partnership with area residents and creating new demand that goes beyond travel, we are working to commercialize tourism resources. Moving forward, we will engage in full-fledged development of our business model, from one that has until now considered human interactions predominantly in terms of outbound travel from Japan, to a model that is global in outlook, with a focus on Asia. We aim to create a global brand that will provide perfect moments and happiness to all our customers around the world.
Now that Tokyo has been chosen as the host of the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, the world’s attention is focused on Japan’s unique culture, products, and services, and the number of foreign visitors to Japan is increasing dramatically. Through our global businesses, we look forward to helping achieve Japan’s goal of establishing itself as a tourism-oriented country and contributing to the development of the tourism industry.

“Perfect moments, always.”

All 26,000 of the JTB Group’s employees have taken this brand slogan to heart. We are committed to continuing to draw closer to customers so that we can better excite and inspire them, and we are determined that customers will find us beside them when they are excited and fulfilled. To that end, we bring all of our energy and resources to bear on each and every moment of our interactions with customers.
We will continue to earn customers’ trust over the long term by adhering to fair business practices and creating unique, high-quality value.
I hope for your continued support and patronage in our endeavors.

*1 Global Vision 2020:
The vision that the JTB Group has committed to achieving by 2020
*2 Multicultural Communication Business:
Creation of multicultural exchange and global experience providing opportunities and experience of excitement and joy through our unique products, services, acquired intelligence and advanced systems.

Hiroyuki Takahashi
President and CEO, JTB Corp.