The JTB Way

JTB Group Philosophy

Through creation of multicultural human exchange contribute to harmony and understanding throughout the global society.

Our Promise

JTB Group mission is to bring satisfying and joyful experiences to customers through creation of opportunities providing multicultural exchange and understanding with people,nature and history in the global environment based on 100 years of serving customers with the objective to enhance their lifestyle quality.

JTB Group Business Domain

[Multicultural Exchange Creation Business]
JTB will provide its own unique solutions (products, services, information, and systems) to create a panorama of multicultural exchanges on the global stage that inspire and evoke empathy.

The JTB Way

Brand Slogan

Perfect moments, always

Our commitment to always be by our customers' side, to help plan and create perfect moment that move and satisfy.

Our Values

Pursuit of Customer Satisfaction

We continue challenging ourselves to become the No. 1 company in customer satisfaction by accurately perceiving our customers’broad-ranging needs and offering value that exceeds their expectations.

Responsibility to Shareholders

Through constant reform of our operations, we are endeavoring to increase corporate value to meet shareholders' expectations.

Mutual Prosperity Together with Our Business Partners

Through a commitment to open and fair dealings with our business partners, we are striving to ensure mutual prosperity.

Realization of Self-Restraint and Creative Human Resources

A variety of employees are “human resources” that enthusiastically display their abilities and individuality and thus are continually creating new value.

Contribution to Society

Through the pursuit of fair and transparent corporate activities, by expanding our interaction with the community at large, we are contributing to the development of local communities.

Treasuring Natural Resources

We treasure irreplaceable resources on earth, such as the natural environment, historical heritages and cultures nurtured by people.

About the Jtb Group