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JTB Group Code

We promise that in practicing The JTB Way we consider fairness as important and build trustworthy relationships with society.
Specifically, we will observe the following:

We shall comply with all applicable laws and social codes and conduct business activities in a fair and transparent manner.
We shall ensure that from the customers' perspective all business dealings are open and honest.
We shall deepen cooperation with our business partners through transparent, open, and honest dealings.
We shall compete openly and honestly with competitors.
We shall meet shareholders' expectations by disclosing information quickly, accurately and fairly and returning them appropriate profits.
As a good corporate citizen, we shall contribute to the sustainable development of society and to the preservation of the environment and natural resources.
We shall regard ourselves as employees who take it upon themselves to demonstrate responsibility for our activities and who contribute to society.
We shall build an energetic corporate culture that is founded on fairness and in which we can work pleasantly.