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Business fields of the JTB Group

All operating companies belonging to the JTB Group can be divided according to business category or characteristic as follows: (1) Travel business companies (focus on regions / focus on specializing in terms of sales / focus on specialization in terms of function / overseas operations / support companies); (2) Commercial business companies; (3) Publishing and advertising companies; (4) Solution business companies; (5) Independent company operations; and (6) Platform-shared service companies

Domestic business fields list

Travel companies

【Companies that focus on regions】

Along with the marketing company and individual tours by region-verywhere from Hokkaido to Okinawa-hese companies will promote events and conventions and otherwise contribute to the revitalization of regions pursuant to exchanges between people.

【Companies that focus on specializing in terms of individual sales】

These companies adhere closely to the lives of clients through their presence in shopping centers and terminal buildings and market travel products in outlets that pursue convenience.

【Companies that focus on specialization in terms of function】

Rather than merely providing travel products targeting corporate clients, these companies seek to meet a variety of client needs through the planning and operations of various meetings and events, product promotions and other proposals, the marketing of tours and travel-related products to foreign nationals visiting Japan or to foreign nationals based in overseas branches, and the marketing of online-based travel products.

【Supplies and development company】

In order to facilitate exchanges for our clients, we will provide our sales subsidiary with high-quality materials and products across a broad range of product and service lineups.

【Support companies】

These companies specialize in a variety of areas, including the provision of temporary tour operators to support the activities of travel agencies, the processing of overseas travel requirements, and the production of pamphlets and sales promotional material.


Take advantage of the JTB Group for surveys related to cultural exchange, carry out planning and operations of meetings or exhibitions, outsource benefit package processing, and otherwise help resolve issues of a corporate or group nature.

Publications and advertising

The publications of such works as Rurubu Johoban and JTB timetables and the promotional activities with an emphasis on travel and tourism-related fields are successful operations of the JTB Group.


The JTB Group markets a variety of products related to travel, such as souvenirs, travel supplies, amenities for lodging facilities.

Better to describe as "Other operations

The JTB Group is also expanding into such areas of operation as hotels, photo stocking, and emergency assistant services.

Platform-shared service companies

These specialist companies focus on such areas as education and training, personnel dispatching, and information systems required to support Group activities. You are invited to use these companies as your business partner.

Overseas business fields list

Companies with overseas operations Based in key overseas locations, these companies provide secure, convenient travel support to clients from Japan and market travel products to clients departing from local branches.

Travel companies

【North America・South America・Hawaii】
【Domestic bases】