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A Message from the President

“Perfect moments, always.”

Allow me to begin by expressing our sympathy for all those affected by Great East Japan Earthquake and our sincere hope for a speedy recovery in the impacted areas.

All JTB Group employees are thinking about what they and the Group can do on behalf of the victims of this terrible disaster, and we look forward to bringing all of our resources to bear in working with the region to effect a quick recovery.

All of us at the JTB Group, which will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding in March 2012, offer our heartfelt thanks to the many customers and partner organizations who have offered the Group their support and patronage. In preparing to celebrate the milestone of our 100th year, we have embraced the following commitment to customers as a way to renew our feelings and help ensure that the Group will continue to enjoy their support for the next 100 years:

Our Promise
JTB Group mission is to bring satisfying and joyful experiences to customers through creation of opportunities providing multicultural exchange and understanding with people, nature and history in the global environment based on 100 years of serving customers with the objective to enhance their lifestyle quality.

To live up to this promise and help all employees maintain an awareness of it at all times, we also adopted a new Group slogan:

“Perfect moments, always.”

Looking toward the next 100 years, we at the JTB Group are committed to developing the multicultural communication business not only in Japan but also worldwide, working to help customers experience excitement and joy, and contributing to the realization of a more peaceful and spiritually rich society.

I invite your highest expectations as the dynamically evolving JTB Group embraces exciting new challenges on the global stage.


April 1, 2011
Hiromi Tagawa
President and CEO, JTB Corp.